Posted by: backpackersescapades | February 23, 2009

De-Stress at Eurie’s Safari

It was Monday and already, I could feel the work load’s stress on me. I was already drained doing mya Java task that day when Joms invited me to go to Festival Supermall and have a few drinks.

We decided to try out the other bars in the Greens and Grills compound. Joms was suggesting Menu’s bar but when we were there their music was quite loud and he didn’t like it. We ended up in Eurie Safari which was located just behind Aplaya Resto-Bar.

Eurie Safari is one of the seven bars that you could go to at Greens and Greens Compound. Its interiors are painted with zebra stripes. They also have animal heads decorated on the walls. The tables and chairs were all wood. Their decors would really tell you that you are in a safari. Their lighting is dim and they have sounds. It was not so loud, just right to relax and unwind.

Euri Safaris Bar

Euri Safari's Bar

As for the food, we ordered a bucket of Sam Mig Light. It only cost P250.00. It was cheap for us since they have 7 bottles in a bucket. We also had dinner there. We ordered an Inihaw Platter and a Sizzling Sisig. The Inihaw Platter contains grilled tilapia, tahong, pork and squid. It comes with a dip made of soy sauce and onions. The squid is good. It was not tough. I also liked the pork and the tahong. What i loved that night was the Sizling Sisig. It was served with egg on top. The sisig itself was a bit sweet when you taste it.  You need to mix it right away while hot so that the egg would be cooked. It was just right pulutan for that night.

Eurie Safaris Inihaw Platter

Eurie Safari's Inihaw Platter

Eurie Safaris Sizzling Sisig

Eurie Safari's Sizzling Sisig

We spent the rest of the night chit-chatting and finishing our booze. We went home at about 11pm since we still have work the next day.  I think there would be more de-stress nights since I’m still not finished with my tasks. But it is ok since there are a lot of resto-bars to explore and more time to spend with Joms. 🙂


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