Posted by: backpackersescapades | February 25, 2009

Dinner at Pepper Lunch

It was another stressful night an Joms and I were hungry after work. We were on a diet but we couldn’t resist eating out at different restaurants. He invited me to eat at Pepper Lunch in Shangri-la Plaza Mall since we were planning to eat there since it has opened. We know that their serving is really big and good enough for two, we decided to share just one plate.

Their place Shangri-la Plaza mall was quite big. You need to wait for your turn to be seated. They are the one who decide where you seat. Good enough, their tables has soft cushioned seats which i usually choose when dining out (I prefer it rather than the stool chairs).

Pepper Lunch at Shangri-la Plaza Mall

Pepper Lunch at Shangri-la Plaza Mall

Pepper Lunch is do-it-yourself steak restaurant. It was a growing popular trend in Asia. Their food is served quite raw in a sizzling plate and you’re the one to cook your own food. They use a special sizzling plate patented in Japan where it could sustain heat for approximately 20 minutes cooking your food more while you enjoy it.

We ordered Chicken Pepper Rice and Sesame Chicken Shake! Shake! Salad!. Their service was fast that we waited only for a few minutes for it to be served. It was sizzling hot when served and you need to mix it right away for the meat to cook and for the butter to mix with the rice and meat. You need to add the sauce to give it additional flavor. If you ordered a steak and Hamburger steak, you need to do the following (according to their instructions):

  1. You can cook both sides of your steak on the plate as the beef is raw.
  2. When the steak is ready, put a steak sauce (Amakuchi or Karakuchi) on it.
  3. You can place the cooked steak on vegetables so that it will not be overcooked.
  4. You can also cook the vegetables on the plate. Then you can taste it with a steak sauce.

The Chicken Pepper Steak was good. It has some corn on top of the pepper rice. The pepper rice is delicious. It goes well with the freshly cooked meat. Also, the steak sauce that tasted like Japanese soy sauce and some other spices added to it tastes well with the rice and chicken. It was quite hot but it was good.

Chicken Pepper Steak

Chicken Pepper Steak

The  Sesame Chicken Shake! Shake! Salad! was fun to eat. You need to shake it first so that the ingredients would mix up with the sauce. It has vegetables, chicken bits, pasta and the sauce that gives it a delicious taste. I liked it especially the chicken bits.

Sesame Chicken Shake! Shake! Salad!

Sesame Chicken Shake! Shake! Salad!

We stayed for a while after eating to thinking of what to try next the next time we eat there. We decided that we would try their steak meal. We chit-chatted for a while before going home. we were full but just enough for the night. It was nice to eat and experience Pepper Lunch’s do-it-yourself cooking. This is a must try place!


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