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Sunrise at White Island

Sunrise at White Island

We woke up very early in the morning and meet with our driver the day before. He led us to a small dock near the resort to two boats that would take us to White Island which is a sandy island just near the resort we checked in.

The boat fee was P400 each boat giving us a total of P800 for the whole trip (2 boats). Each can carry 4-5 passenger plus two boat mans. It was about 15-20 minute ride going there.They left us on the island and we jut told them what time to fetch us.

It was still dark as we landed on the small sandy island near the main island of Camiguin. We grabbed the opportunity for a place to take photos and wait for the sun rise. We were the only visitor at that time. The whole place is ours.

While waiting for the sun to rise

While waiting for the sun to rise

As we keep on clicking, the sunrise came. It was a very pretty scenery. After a while, the darkness was gone and we can view the whole island already. It was really small and you can walk around it in just a few minutes.

Right side of the Island: sun is already up

Right side of the Island: sun is already up

Going to the far side of the island

Going to the far side of the island


Left side of the island (still dark)

Left side of the island (still dark)


I tried to walk on the farthest end of the island where the sand is quite submerged in water but soon, waves are getting strong and the water is getting high. I didn’t risk continuing because I was carrying my camera and I was imagining getting caught in the waves and bringing me to a deep part of the ocean.

View from the far side of the island

View from the far side of the island

It was because maybe of the dark cloud near that is making the waves. You can see that at one part, the waves are strong and at the other side it was really calm. It was quite nice to relax there.

After a while, people are already coming to the island. We decided to call the boat an hour early to bring us back to the main island. We decided to stay at the resort (Paras Beach Resort) and enjoy the pool there since we are already going home before lunch.

We ordered breakfast at the restaurant and as we waited for the food, we played at the pool. We took breakfast after a while and took a bath before packing up. We are now ready to leave the island.

At about 10am, our driver is already waiting for us. We again ride the multicab and we requested to bring us to the market first for some pasalubong. He took us to Vjandep’s bakeshop for Camiguin’s famous pastel. It is a bun with yummy yema filling inside. We also bought some other baked goodies and some lanzones to bring back to Manila.


Vjandep Pastel

Yema filled Pastel

Yema filled Pastel

After our mini shopping, he bought us back to the port where we will take the ferry going to Misamis Oriental. We cannot ride the Paras Sea Cat because it would be at 4pm in the afternoon and our flight is at 5pm.

The ferry trip is the long cut version. The porters said that the ferry will leave at 11am but it was already 12 noon and we’re still waiting there. We just entertained ourselves with the kid divers who will make you throw coins in the water and they will jump and get it. When we’re already out of coins, we are starting to panic that we might not get on time for our flight.

Diving Kids at the port

Diving Kids at the port (one is holding the coin we dropped for them)

Good thing, our contact for the multicab in Camiguin has offered us a van ride from Misamis Oriental port to CDO all the way to the airport. It was P2500 for the 9 of us and we accepted it since it is the fastest and most hassle free offer there is. he other option is to get on a bus going to CDO.

The ferry took about an hour before we get to Misamis Oriental. The van was already waiting for us. We just took a quick bathroom break and we are off to CDO.

We were all sleeping on the way and as we get to CDO, we asked the driver to stop at McDonalds for our late lunch. We then continued going to the airport after our take out. As we got to the airport and paid the driver, we rushed inside when we found that the boarding pass area was already closed. Luckily, the flight was delayed and they allowed us to get our boarding pass. It was almost too late but we are glad we made it.

We rested as we head back home. It was an action packed trip and we decided that we will beach bum next time to avoid the stress and hassle of getting all the things done in a short time. But the trip was really amazing. I love the action and adventure filled days we had. If only we had another day to bum, it would be perfect.

I’ll be back there but for now, back our ordinary days at the office. 🙂



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