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Dinner at Galileo Enoteca Deli

Galileo Enotica Deli

There is a hidden restaurant in the heart of Mandaluyong where they serve Italian dishes and at the same time, sell wine and some ingredients for most of your Itallian dishes. It comes in the name of Galileo Enotica Deli found at 80 Calbayog St. cor. Malinao St. Mandaluyong City.

We knew about it from a friend and I decided that before I leave my previous company, I will try eating there.

From Libertad street in Mandaluyong, we turned to Calbayog and a signage there tells you that you’ve reached the place. It was like a residence home at first but as you enter, you can find displays of meats and cheeses. On the shelves are pastas and bottled salad dressing. As you go on, wines occupies the shelves from floor to ceiling together with bricked walls that makes you feel you’re in a wine cellar. Tables vary in sizes across the room, some are for large groups and some for small ones. The place goes on around but I just get to see one side since we decided to settle down on a small table. The place is roomy and the ambiance is cozy. We are the only customers there at the time so the waiters quickly served us.

Their menu consist of Italian dishes such as pastas and pizza. We decided to try out the most interesting dish we saw, a pizza, a pasta and a plate of roasted chicken and salad. It wasn’t easy to choose since dish names are in Italian and you need to read the description before you can decide what you wanted. I could not really remember the names of the dishes that we had but here is a rundown of them (sorry for the dark images, I wasn’t able to bring a nice camera so I used my phone and it was quite dim there):

Complementary Appetizer

Complementary Appetizer

They served complementary appetizer while waiting for our dishes. It was consist of sliced bread and three dips. One is tomato based, the other has blue cheese and the last was like it has some tuna. I am not sure what these are called and what are these made of but all tasted good.



The pasta is in a white cheese/cream sauce. It tasted good and the entire dish is good enough for you but could also be shared.



The pizza has pepperoni and ham slices on a bed of tomato and cheese. The crust is thin and is crunchy in every bite. A perfect home made pizza. It was really yummy!

Grilled Chicken with salad

Grilled Chicken with salad

The salad on the side, consist of lettuce, tomato and some other vegetables. was drizzled with vinaigrette. The grilled chicken was tender and delicious. It was perfect and yummy!

The dishes was good enough for two people but there are some left overs that we bought home. The food was really yummy and is highly recommended. The place too was nice and is perfect for relaxation and chit chat with friends. The service was also good. However, the price is a bit pricey. Considering the amount of serving, the price is quite high.

Overall, I liked the place and I think I’ll come back here if ever I have an extra money to spare on good food. I may also try to look for ingredients here whenever I would like to try an Italian recipe since this place is not a secret anymore for me.



  1. one can argue that it can go both ways

  2. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

  3. what a yummy dish!

    cdo adventures

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