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Whitewater Rafting at Cagayan de Oro


We arrived at Cagayan de Oro at around 7:30 in the morning. We decided to have this trip because of the seat sale at Cebu Pacific last summer. It was a sunny Saturday morning, perfect for the day-long activities that we plan to have. We are going to ride the rapids of the Cagayan River! Whitewater Rafting, we are ready!

We waited for Kagay to fetch us because they were the one who arranged our tour for that day. After a while, Kuya Clint arrived and he led us to the jeepney that will take us to the Cagayan River for our river adventure that morning. We signed a waiver along the way and get to settle down as we journey to the starting point of our adventure. We had a side trip on a small restaurant which also has a lot of shower rooms to accommodate the adventurers of the river. We changed our clothes there so that we could be comfortable for the rest of our adventure. We learned that that area is the finishing point of the beginner’s course of the rafting adventures.

Our ride took us far up the mountain. We didn’t know how long was it but it was very very far and we are starting to get scared of what would happen to us if ever our raft capsized and we cannot get back on. At the same time, we are all excited.

Ready for White Water Rafting

Ready for White Water Rafting

We arrived at the starting point for expert course and got ready by putting on our life vests and helmets. We placed all our valuables in a dry bag which they have provided. We all placed our cameras since the package comes with the photos that they themselves will be taking as we go on our adventure. It was really convenient since we could have some memories of this trip. While the rest of us are fixing our gears, the Kagay guys were busy preparing our inflatable rafts and all the stuff we need.

Expert course starting point

Expert course starting point

As soon as we were ready, we all went down the river so that Kuya Clint can give us a briefing and orientation on the basics of rafting. This is our first time to do this and yes, we are taking an expert course. We sure are adventurous!

As soon as we are all oriented, we divided into two groups and boarded the rafts. We did some practice on the paddling and after a while we are ready to go.

Start of the course

Start of the course

The first part was fine. The water was calm and we did what the guide told us. We were all excited and nervous at the same time. After a while, our first rapids came. It was quite small but it was fun. We longed for more and the river didn’t disappoint us, soon, more rapids came and we were all having fun at the same time, holding tightly so that we won’t fall.

The guides were all fun, cracking jokes every now and then. They love to splash us with water that always make us shiver because it was so cold. They are the best guides there and we are thankful that they are the one who took care of us.

We got to experience what they call “Oh Captain My Captain” which has very strong rapids making you feel that the raft will capsize anytime and “Carabao’s Back” which you will go to a big rock and fall down.  The whole course was fun and we are happy to have signed up for the expert course. Below are some of our photos during the course.

White Water RaftingWhite Water RaftingWhite Water RaftingWhite Water RaftingWhite Water RaftingWhite Water RaftingWhite Water Rafting

We also went inside a cave where there is a snake at the ceiling. Elouise didn’t want to stay there and so we all continued.

In the Cave

In the Cave

Our last challenge is to jump off the boat and ride the rapids. We did it one by one. At first we were afraid but we finally did it. It was scary because as you jump, it will take a long time for you to get up on the surface and after a while, you get to sink again because of the rapids. It will be over as you get to the other side of the river. You can just float there as you wait for the others to jump. Joemar however didn’t jump. He ride with the guide on the kayak and they tried to go upstream. They capsized on the way up and so he didn’t get to jump with us.

The adventure ended as we get to the starting point for the beginner’s course. It was fun and exciting. We wished to do it one more time but it is too expensive. Maybe next time, we’ll go back and do it again.

End of expert course

End of expert course

We got back to the restaurant/shower area where we took the shower and changed clothes. We all boarded the jeep again and went to CDO City.



Mindy's at CDO

Mindy's at CDO

We got to the city past lunch time. We went to Mindy’s where we will have our buffet lunch. This was pre-arranged by Kagay for us and all we need to do is eat. The place is quite full and we had no seats yet. We get to wait for a while before finally, we have a place to sit. The food there was very delicious. I don’t know how are the dishes called. They have rice, pansit, a chicken dish, a beef dish, a veggie dish and a fish dish (sweet and sour fish). They also have fruits for dessert and unlimited Iced tea. It was very filling, and since it is a buffet we get to get back for second servings!

We were all full after the meal. Mindy’s is a sure hit for us. We are glad that they have brought us there.

New Dawn Pensionne

New Dawn Pensionne

We get to have a van after for our next adventure but before that, we went to our hotel to check in. New Dawn Pensionne is located at Makahambus-Velez St. Cagayan de Oro City. We called them and they reserved 3 De Luxe rooms for us. They didn’t require us to have a deposit and so we call them before the check in time to confirm. We feared that they might give our rooms to others if don’t call.

The van took us to the hotel and we get to check in. One of the rooms is not yet ready and so we decided to leave our stuff at one room.

The place is new and very clean. We liked the rooms so much. It has 2 beds, one double and a single one. They have a cabinet with lots of hangers, a small ref, TV, phone, and what we liked most is a clean and big bathroom. They even has a bath tub. It was very cozy and we really enjoyed it there. The staff are friendly and accommodation. They don’t even bother if even if we call them every now and then just to ask for information. The price is reasonable, quite cheap if you think how nice the rooms are. We paid only P1,300 for each room and it is within our budget. This place is recommended for those who is looking for a clean and comfortable place to stay.

New Dawn Pensionne Room

New Dawn Pensionne Room

New Dawn Pensionne Room

New Dawn Pensionne Room

New Dawn Pensionne Toilet and Bath

New Dawn Pensionne Toilet and Bath

After placing our stuff, we all went back to the van to continue our adventure.

To be continued…



  1. boom chica wowow

  2. […] of the tiring White Water Rafting adventure we had in the morning, we all had no trouble falling asleep at the van. We got caught in traffic […]

  3. nice room- new, clean, and cheap!

    • Yup! super good deal. Actually, nung kausap namin sila nung nasa Manila pa kami, mas mababa na sa website yung binigay nila, then nung andun na kami, mas mababa pa, kaya super good deal tlga and ang gaganda ng rooms kasi bago pa.. 🙂

  4. I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

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  7. Nice web blog. very educational. Mura ang room sa NEW DAWN PENSIONNE ha. 1300 per night. wow. I want to go to Cagayan soon!

    • I think they gave us discount because it’s lean season when we stayed there. Super sulit ‘coz the room is really clean and the whole place looks new. 🙂

  8. My whitewater rafting experience with my friends is one of the most adventurous event in my life!awesome!

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