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Zipline Fun at Bukidnon

After we dropped our stuff at New Dawn Pensionne (see previous post for Whitewater Rafting Adventures), we got back to the van that was waiting for us at the parking lot. He will take us to Bukidnon for our next adventure, Zipline!!

The ride going there will take about one and a half to two hours according to our driver. Before leaving CDO, we ask him to take us to an ATM machine so that Ai could get some money. We went to Lim Ket Kai Mall for that before proceeding to our destination.

Because of the tiring White Water Rafting adventure we had in the morning, we all had no trouble falling asleep at the van. We got caught in traffic somewhere and so it felt like ages going to Bukidnon. Finally, the scenery around became pineapple fields and the road began to ascend. We all knew we are near when we saw a big pineapple which marks Del Monte’s housing or subdivision. It looks so much alike with the faculty housing at UPLB.


Pineapple Plantation

Pineapple Plantation

At the end of  the subdivision, we traveled a sort of dirt road in the middle of a pineapple plantation. We checked the time and it was about 4 in the afternoon but the dark clouds makes it seem like it was already 6pm. We fear the heavy rain clouds which is just ahead us. We really wanted to experience the zipline.

As we cross the pineapple plantation, the rain began to pour. We still continued our journey and soon the rain stopped but dark clouds are still above us. At last we reached Dahilayan Adventure Park!

The Zipline

The Zipline

Dahilayan Adventure Park is located at Barangay Dahilayan, Bukidnon. They offer a variety of activities like Wall Climbing, Rope Course, Zorbit, ATV’s and Ziplining.

Zip ZOne

Zip Zone

It was very foggy that afternoon and we can see the fog move. It was so cold and we are all shivering. We registered quickly (It was part of Kagay’s package that we already paid ahead) and as we wait for instructions. We can see some people screaming as they get across with the zipline. It is scary at the same time exciting!

We were called at the 150m and 320m line. They assisted us on putting the harness and we got our head gears on. The first line is the 320m (I think) and you can zipline with a companion. It is a dual zipline and you go on it while on a sitting position. You can also opt to be hanged on both the lines if you prefer to be alone. The difference is when you chose to go with a partner, you will spin while going on the line while going alone and hanging on both lines will hold you steady and in one direction.

320m & 150m Zipline

320m & 150m Zipline

Off we go on the first line! It was scary but as you get at the middle it was pure fun! You will really have that adrenaline rush on your system. Although it’s foggy, it was still fine. I think the fog adds up to the thrill since you can’t see where you are going. It was like being eaten by the fog.

As we stopped we got ready on the 150m line. The guides quickly transferred our harness to the next line. It was the same adrenaline rush as the first but this time its a bit shorter. As we reached the end, we are still asking for more and we cant feel the coldness of the place anymore because of lots of adrenaline pumping in our system.

We went back at the starting point after that because we will get ready for the 840m line. It is the longest dual zipline in Asia and we are about to experience it!

We waited for a shuttle to bring us to the staring point. We dared to all ride at the back of a pickup and it was a wrong choice. We can smell all the burned gasoline the vehicle emitted. We all hoped that we get to the top already to end our suffering.

As we got to the starting point, we were quickly briefed by the guides on what we should do while suspended in air. They put on our harness and we climbed the platform where we will all take off. Unlike the first two lines wherein we are sitting while ziplining, this time, we get to feel we are like superman. We are on flying position!

It was pretty scary as they open the gates and all you can see are trees and the ground which is several meters high. It was really scary at first especially when they let go of you but soon you will be screaming and enjoying it. The ride took several minutes and you get to pass by tall pine trees and a lot of fog. It was the best experience we  ever had! It was fun fun fun!!

As we got to the end, a cameraman was ready to record how we conquered the longest dual zipline in Asia and for P100 you can have a certificate and a copy of the photo they took. We all availed it for bragging purposes.

Picture Taking at the Pinapple Plantation

Picture Taking at the Pinapple Plantation

After our adrenaline pumping adventure, we all went back to our van to return to the city. We asked the driver to stop at the pineapple plantation so that we can take some pictures. We stayed there for several minutes and when it was already getting dark, we all went back. We initially planned to take a picture of the large pineapple at the gate of the Del Monte housing but it was already raining when we got there so we decided to just go back to the city.

We were all asleep the way back and when we got to the city, we dropped by Kagay‘s office and the driver picked up our free photo coverage of the rafting adventure we had in the morning. After that, he dropped us off at New Dawn Pensionne. We thanked him as we get inside and rest for a while before going out for dinner.

Butcher's Best Barbeque

Butcher's Best Barbeque

After we had settled in each of our rooms, we all decided to eat dinner. Irish suggested a place to try out for dinner, Butcher’s Best Barbeque. We just asked a tricycle driver to get us there and since I am not familiar with the place, I am not sure what part of CDO City that place is.

The place is quite big and can accommodate a lot of people. Waiters there are accommodating and is quick to the guest’s requests. They have some tables inside the store and most of the tables are outside. I can say that this is a good inuman place since they serve beer and barbecue for pulutan.

We settled on the tables outside and we ordered a lot of dishes. We had the Angus Beef Barbecue, the Chili Barbecue and Original Barbecue and Sisig. We also ordered some cold sodas and some rice. We thought that the serving sizes are just small since the price they had is pretty cheap. We were so used to food in Manila that is quite expensive and has so little servings. We were all surprised that one serving, which by the way ranges from P70-P100) could be shared by two people already.We were not disappointed with the taste as it was the best food we had so far.

Original and Chili Barbecue

Original and Chili Barbecue

The Orgiginal Barbecue and Chili Barbecue is just the same but the chili one has a sauce over it which makes it chilly. It was really good and really spicy. Their barbecue is really yummy and I like it.



The Sisig was also good but we forgot to mix it while it is still hot that it burned a little. It was a bit bitter because of that but otherwise it was still good.

Angus Beef Barbecue

Angus Beef Barbecue

The Angus Beef Barbecue was the best dish that night. One serving is good enough for two or even three people. It is served with gravy and it was already sliced upon serving. The beef is tender and is tasty. It was really good and we get to finish the whole dish even if it is good for two people. We enjoyed it very much that we had little room for the other dishes since we were already stuffed.

We ended the night very very happy about the food. We got back to the place we are staying to relax and prepare for our Camiguin trip the next day. We all retired to bed full and satisfied with all the adventures we conquered and all the fun we had the whole day. This day is really an action packed day and we all enjoyed it!



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