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Rural Jungle Adventures: From Bulacan to Tagaytay

It was the longest weekend (as of now) that I have spent with my bloc mates.

Gail was doing his SP and since the presentation is fast approaching, Tanja and I volunteered to help. We decided to come over their house in Bulacan to do his SP one Friday night. We invited Ruel to come with us (even though he said that he could offer no help on Gail’s SP) and he agreed in the condition that we go the next day to Tagaytay. We agreed to him even though we are not sure of what time we could wake up (or sleep).

The plan was:

  • We meet at TriNoma at 7pm.
  • We eat dinner.
  • At approximately 8:30, we go to Gail’s Place.
  • We do the SP
  • We sleep.
  • We wake up and do our vanity rituals.
  • We go to Tagaytay and meet-up with other CMSC batch ’04.

We agreed to the plan but on Friday morning, Ruel changed his plans. He said that he will go to his brother’s post birthday celebration at Pasig and he told us he could not come to dinner. He said that he would still come to Gail’s place but he could not have dinner with us. We agreed and went on with our plan.

Yellow Cab TriNoma

Yellow Cab TriNoma

New Yorks Finest Pizza

New York's Finest Pizza

Together with Joms (he also volunteered to do Gail’s SP), we went ti TriNoma and meet up with Gail and Tanja. We ate dinner at Yellow Cab Pizza. We ordered a 14 inch New York’s Finest Pizza and some Raspberry Sola. Joms and I didn’t eat too much since we have a tendency to fall asleep when with a full stomach. We already anticipated that we would stay up late that night.

After dinner, we learned that Ruel could not come because of his misadventures in the urban jungle. We were not surprised and decided to tell him that we will not go to Tagaytay the next day because he didn’t dp his part of the deal (of course we were just kidding him). He got worried and he said that he would meet us in the morning at the bus station in Pasay going to Tagaytay (he said no definite time). We said we’ll see if we could come depending on what time we could wake up.

Before we went to Gail’s place, Tanja and Gail decided to buy Ruel a gift (I already bought one) since we know that Ruel was insisting that we go to Tagaytay because his birthday will fall on the following Thursday (February 26) and the Tagaytay trip would be sort of his birthday treat for us.  After buying Ruel’s gift in Bench, we went to the FX Terminal going to Gail’s Place. We waited there for Tanja. She went back to her apartment (just across TriNoma) to get her stuff. As she got there, we rode the Van going to Fairview. Gail was telling me that we would pass by the widest road in the Philippines, the Commonwealth Avenue.  I was surprised because I have passed by that road before but I didn’t know that it was the widest. Another interesting fact I’ve learned that night.

The van dropped us off at SM Fairview and from there, we rode a jeep going to Gail’s Place (I didn’t get to see the jeep’s signboard). We were dropped of at Pangarap (somewhere in Fairview) and from there we rode a tricycle to Gail’s House. There was this bridge that was the boundary of Quezon City and San Jose Bulacan but we didn’t notice it that night. We just notice the change in the breeze since there were a lot of trees around. It was sort of like LB (how I miss LB 😦 ).

It was almost 10pm when we arrived at Gail’s house and we rested for a while before doing what we came for there. We did his SP, working on both his laptop and desktop. We got tired at about 5am and decided to sleep. At that point, we have no intention on going to Tagaytay and we just texted Ruel that we were just going to sleep that time. We didn’t know if he received it since Gail’s house was deprived of network coverage for Globe. We slept and Tanja and I decided to wake up at 7am in case Ruel replied to our text message. But unfortunately, we didn’t hear the alarm and continued our sleep.

Gail and Tanja on SP Mode

Gail and Tanja on SP Mode

At about 9am (I was already awake at about 8:30), Tanja received Ruel’s message that he was waiting for us at the bus station in Pasay and he was about to go home since none of us were answering his text and call. We waked Gail up and we decided to call Ruel to know where he is.  He said that he was on a van going home to Indang, Cavite and decided not to come to Tagaytay anymore since we were all tired. We said that if he wants, we could tour Manila instead of Tagaytay (since Gail has something to do that night and if we go to Tagaytay, he needs to go back at 4pm) so that we could have lots of time together. He said that we go to Tagaytay and just eat there, and so we agreed. Luckily, Gail took care of his stuff that he need not to go back at 4pm.

At about 10am, we ate breakfast and did our morning rituals. We left Gail’s house at about 11am and his Kuya Oliver accompanied us to the main road where we rode a bug going to PhilCoA. At the bus we were so tired that we almost slept. We were watching a Korean movie without subtitles just to keep us awake. As we got to PhilCoA, we rode a jeep going to Quezon Avenue MRT Station. It took us about an hour or so just to get there so we decided to stop by 7-11 to eat and drink.

Dogs at 7-11 Qezon Avenue

Dogs at 7-11 Qezon Avenue

As we got there, we saw some dogs with baskets on their mouth. They were some beggar’s gimik to earn some spare change. The dogs were sure cute. They just stay on the monobloc chairs waiting for people to put some coins on their baskets. I was shy to take a picture of them so as i got inside 7-11, i took one even though it was their back view. I was impressed of the creativity of beggars these days. They thought of this kind of gimik just to have some money. They were sure that the people would love their dog’s act and be kind enough to give them some spare change. Poor dogs, they have to stay there all day just so their masters could have some money. They do the work their masters should have been doing. 😦

As we finished eating at 7-11, we rode the MRT going to Taft Avenue station. We were supposed to ride a bus going to Tagayatay in Pasay. Gail’s friend told him that there is a bus terminal behind Chowking there going to Batangas but it will pass by Tagaytay. The bus fare from there to Olivarez Plaza in Tagaytay was P83.00. Even though none of us have tried it yet, we decided to look for the terminal and we found it. It was indeed behind Chowking. As you go down the overpass of the MRT, there is a small road beside Mcdonald’s and there you would find the buses going to Tagaytay. We took the bus (Erjohn & Almark) and decided to catch up on our sleep since the bus ride going to Tagaytay would be long.

The crappy bus we took going to Tagaytay

The crappy bus we took going to Tagaytay

After a while, when we were at Bacoor, Cavite,  the bus’s engine and air conditioning went off. All the passengers were curious of what happened.  The driver couldn’t restart the engine and the bus was being pushed at the side of the road. We couldn’t stand the heat inside so we decided to get off the bus and ask the bus conductor to return the money we paid for the fare. He didn’t want to and he said that he would just transfer us to another bus. But the other passengers insist that he return the money since he don’t look like he is doing anything for his passengers. He was not even calling their terminal to send another bus for us. Since we wanted to go to Tagaytay already, we waited for another bus (of their company) and even though there were no seats available and we need to stand for the rest of the ride, we decided to take it. It was the bus we wanted to ride initially (since Gail told us that his friend was describing how nice the bus he rode going to Tagaytay). The seats were two seats on both sides and it was wide and comfortable. It was unlike the first bus we took that really looks crappy. We waited for other passengers to get off so that we could seat, and soon enough we get to seat for the rest of our journey going to Tagaytay.

Olivarez Plaza Tagaytay

Olivarez Plaza Tagaytay

We got off the bus at Olivarez Plaza where Ruel said we would meet at around 4pm. We relaxed for a while while waiting for Ruel. We took pictures of course and stretched since we really had a long ride just going there. When Ruel got there we decided that we eat at Leslie’s and so we took a jeep going to Indang (it would pass by the restaurant) and get off there. I got excited since the last time we went there, we were not allowed to seat near the Taal Lake view since there were reservations that time. This time, I get to go there. It was nice place to eat.  The breeze is cool and the view is perfect. You could see the Taal Volcano and it is a nice background to take pictures.

Leslies Restaurant in Tagaytay

Leslie's Restaurant in Tagaytay

We decided to order some food since we didn’t have any lunch.  We ordered Bulalo and an Inihaw Platter. Tanja ordered a Watermelon Shake while Ruel, Joms and I ordered a Buco Juice. Their food is nice even tough it was quite pricey. The Bulalo was good and we all liked it. It still has the vegetables and corn in it. And also, the Bulalo broth was unlimited! The Inihaw Platter was also good. It has Grilled, Squid, Tilapia, Tahong, Shrimps, Pork, Chicken and Talong. It also has some mixed tomato, onion and bagoong on the side. I liked the chicken and shrimp best. The Squid was a bit tough and I didn’t eat much since I was afraid that my stomach would not digest it properly. We were already done eating when Jen, Jaeius, Ate Anne (my orgmates) and Kuya Leo (Ate Anne’s hubby) came. They joined us and they ordered a Lechong Kawali (I think they just had lunch). We spend the rest of the day with them. I didn’t get to taste it since I was already full.

Buko Juice, Bulalo, Watermelon Shake, Inihaw Platter, Bulalo Broth

Buko Juice, Bulalo, Watermelon Shake, Inihaw Platter, Bulalo Broth

Taal Volcano View from Leslies Restaurant

Taal Volcano View from Leslie's Restaurant

After eating, we gave Ruel our gifts and he was quite surprised (I hope he liked them). We were supposed to go to Picnic Grove to try the Zipline but Jaeuis said that it was only up to 6pm and it was 5:30 that time. So we just took pictures of the Taal Lake until it got dark.

Starbuckss Signature Hot Chocolate

Starbucks's SHC

After a while, we decided to chill at Starbucks. Their place is so cool. Their store has a 2nd floor deck where you could have a view of the Taal Lake (but we didn’t see it since it was already dark). We took a table there and ordered some Signature Hot Chocolate while chit-chatting. At about 8:30, we called it a day and decided to go home. We took a jeep going back to Olivarez to their Van terminal. Tanja was supposed to ride a van going to Calamba but unfortunately, the last trip has left already. We said that she just take the Alabang van with Joms and I and there, she could ride a bus going to Los Baños. Gail however went to Pala-pala to ride a bus going to Cubao.

Bloc ST2 at Tagaytay: Tanja, Ruel Gail and Jeri

We all went home tired but satisfied of the spontaneous gimik we had. We were also glad to have met up again after a long while. I hope Gail wold finish his SP soon so that we could have more bloc gimiks together. That was sure a long weekend and we all deserve a long rest. 🙂



  1. Ang haba nga!! kaaliw 😀

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