Posted by: backpackersescapades | July 29, 2010

Dinner at FlapJacks


We had a management seminar in AIM in the afternoon and after that, we decided to have dinner in Greenbelt 1 which is just across AIM. I wanted a light dinner but as soon as we pass by FlapJacks, I remembered that I have a coupon from Belle de Jour and there are few opportunities for me to go at Makati and so, we decided to eat there.

The place was small but it extends to the outside. There are a few tables for the customers inside which is a combination of cushioned seats and large tables. The interior decoration is nice and it has a high ceiling and warm lighting. The counter and kitchen is seen across the entrance. We are seated at a table near the counter and the staff is very accommodating to us. They quickly arrange a place for us and gave us the menu.

I was looking for the dishes we had the last time I was here but I am not sure if it was taken out the menu or if it was just served in the morning (it was about lunch time the first time I ate there). The menu listed is more on the burger and steak dishes. There are a few pancake and waffles to order but there were just a few choices on it.

We ended up ordering a plate of 2 Pieces Chicken with Rice and a  Blueberry Waffle. We also ordered a glass of Chocolate Shake.

The order took a bit long but it was alright. The staff keep on updating us of the waiting time for the food. Maybe because we keep on looking at the counter. We were just amazed of the food being served there that is why. But we are not that in a hurry for our food.

Chocolate Shake

Chocolate Shake

The Chocolate Shake was the first to arrive. It tasted good and the chocolate chip like flavor on the shake can be tasted in every sip. It was more on the sweet side and good thing that we just ordered one.

Two Piece Chicken

Two Piece Chicken

When the food arrived, it was hot and very appetizing. The two piece Chicken was served with rice and vegetables. The rice was not in a shape of a cup, like other restaurants serve it. It was lose and it tasted like herbs and spices. The rice’s flavor is familiar but I am not sure where I have tasted it before. There are also steamed vegetables on the side. The chickens were fried into a crispy surface and juicy inside. The chicken was bland. I am looking for a unique flavor under the skin but it was just plain chicken meat with no flavor.

Blueberry Waffle

Blueberry Waffle

The Blueberry Waffle was very yummy. It has a scoop of butter which I spread all around and a dump of blueberries on top. The plate was sprinkled with powdered sugar. The waffle was itself very yummy. It has a crisp surface and a soft inside. Paired with the Blueberry and butter it was a dish you’d surely ask for more.

Overall, the food is so-so, the waffle, and I think the pancakes too, are very good. The dishes served are really pricey. Thank God we have a P250 discount and we have enjoyed it. This place will surely be on the last of my come back list since its location is not much accessible and the price is not for ordinary occasions.



  1. how pricey? hehe.

    • yung chicken n inorder namin almost P300 sya, ang liit ng part and walang lasa… -__- kung hindi lang masarap yung waffle badtrip na ko, ang mahal din e! hehe! 🙂

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