Posted by: backpackersescapades | June 24, 2010

Lunch out at Jonas Pares

Jonas Pares

We decided to have a lunch out since Buboy, Irish and Ai needs something on a camping gear store. We all decided to go to Robinson’s Pioneer in Mandaluyong. It is a tricycle ride from our building but Buboy brought his car for a ride going there.

After they have bought stuff from a camping store, we looked for a place to eat. We were standing in front of Jonas Pares and we decided to just eat there. The place is quite small but luckily, it is not that crowded since lunch time had already passed. The dishes they serve there are Pares meals. It is the first time that I get to taste Pares and so I am not sure what to expect.

You get to order at the counter and it was like turo-turo style. The dishes are displayed for the customers to choose. I ordered the Beef Pares Meal that comes with a bowl of fried rice, beef pares, a side dish of your choice and an iced tea. The others ordered Pork Pares and Chicken Pares. Irish and I were the only one who ordered the set meal and so we shared the side dishes that we had ordered.

Beef Pares Meal

Beef Pares Meal

The beef Pares that I had was like the Korean beef stew I used to make only less sweet and not spicy. It was great with the fried rice especially the sauce. Their fired rice was good. The side dish that I had was 4 pcs. Siomai while Irish had a Lumpia. The Lumpia is good especially with the vinegar. The vinegar was also good with the pares (I didn’t realize that it was for the Lumpia and combined it with the pares dish). It has a hint of sweetness to it and it doesn’t have that acidic taste and smell. The Siomai is also good. It was big enough and the taste is similar to Siomai House.

I’m a bit satisfied with the meal I had. It was filling and was yummy. Mybe I’ll try other Pares meal on other places to compare this place’s dish.


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