Posted by: backpackersescapades | June 6, 2010

Adobo ‘To Delivery for Lunch

Adobo 'To

After watching Ang Pinaka‘s episode last June 5, Top 10 Restaurants with P200 meals, I learned that their top 1 spot belongs to Adobo ‘To which is located near our office. I suggested it to Marjun who is a great fan of adobo and after we learned that they deliver in our area, we all decided to try this out.

We called the number posted on their Facebook page and ordered some of the dishes they serve. We had Cheesy Pork Adobo and Spicy Cheesy Pork Adobo. They have other varieties available like Coco Pork or Chicken Adobo which is an Adobo with coconut milk, ordinary and spicy adobo, Pork Binagoongan, Tapsilog, Tosilog, and a lot more others. The meals ranges from P70 to P100 which is very affordable.

We called them and placed our orders. We waited for about an hour before it arrived because as what the person on the phone said, there is only one person who delivers it. Upon arrival of the order, we all get to taste the unique adobo that they have. I had Cheesy Pork Adobo meal. It has rice, Adobo topped with melted cheese, tomato and boiled egg on the side.

Cheesy Pork Adobo - P80

Cheesy Pork Adobo - P80

The adobo was yummy however the oil that comes with it is not appetizing. I need to separate it with the meat in order to enjoy it more. I like adobo but I don’t like any food that swims in oil. The side dish complements the food well. The cheese blends with the adobo and adds more saltiness. It was an interesting twist. Overall it was yummy.

The meal was cheap and it was super filling. I hope we can try it out in their place which is located at 31 General Delgado Street, San Antonio Village, Pasig City. There are a lot more on their menu that is a must try.


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