Posted by: backpackersescapades | April 30, 2010

Girl’s Night Out: Dinner at Pasto


Millet, Ate Neysa, Pat, Ate Nerisse and I decided to hang out on a Friday Night so we decided to meet up at The Fort.

Ate Neysa, Pat, Millet and I met at Glorietta at around 7pm. We took a bus going to Fort Bonifacio Global City where we will meet with Ate Nerisse. We all decided to eat before clubbin’. We decided to try out Pasto which is located at The Fort Strip.

It was a small restaurant with an extension at outside. There is a bar like area where lots of liquors are displayed. The place is homey and the waitresses attend to your every need. They serve Italian dishes. We were seated inside and we ordered food as soon as the menu came to us.

We had Calamares, Insalata de Pollo, Di-Carne Pizza, Pasto Pizza, Romano, Carbonara and Bolognese Pasta. We ordered bottomless lemon and raspberry iced tea for drinks.

The dishes were served to us after several minutes. I didn’t get to taste all but everything looks so good and no one complained about the food.

Insalata de Pollo

Insalata de Pollo

The Insalata de Pollo was very yummy. The greens, mushroom, tomatoes were topped by a Parmesan crusted chicken breast and drizzled with balsamic vinegar. The sweetness and sourness of the balsamic vinegar is complemented well with the greens and chicken. It was a healthy and filling salad.



The Calamares is also yummy. The squid was not tough as you bite into it. It also goes well with the mayo dip.

Di-Carne Pizza

Di-Carne Pizza

The Di-Carne Pizza is also good. It is an all meat pizza with smoked ham, pepperoni and Italian sausage.

Pasto Pizza

Pasto Pizza

The Pasto Pizza has all the ingredients on it. It has Italian sausage, tomato, onions, bell peppers, smoked ham, mushroom, pepperoni and olives. This pizza is also the name of the store.

These are the other food we had which are equally yummy:


Romano: Crusted chicken breast with spinach and roasted mushrooms in a gorgonzola cream sauce served with fettucine


Carbonara: Linguine with smoked bacon and mushrooms in a gralic-cream sauce


Bolognese: Fettucine in a classic italian meat sauce

After dinner, we were all full of the yummy dishes we had. The place was great and so is the food. We are ready to party after the filling meal.


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