Posted by: backpackersescapades | April 28, 2010

Coron Trip: Last Day of Vacation

Last Day at Coron

We woke up at around 8am. It was late considering we don’t have any schedule for today. Our flight home is still at 3pm and we will go to the airport at around 1am.  We planned to swim the other day but changed our mind and just fixed our stuff.

We went to the dining hall and ate our last free breakfast. I tried their mushroom omelet this time just for the sake of trying out something new. It was served to us and it tasted good. We all went back to our rooms to pack our stuff.

Some of us went to the public market to buy pasalubong. Aside from the cashew nuts, dried fishes is also famous here. There are lots of it in the market. I had a lot to fix and so, Marky, Joms and Rich were the ones who went to buy them. I just gave them some money for them to buy me some.

They went back at around 10am and we were all preparing to leave. At 11am, we all checked out. We left our stuff at the receiving area because we planned to have lunch before we go.

We tried again our luck at Bistro. This time, we had a table for us all but when we got the menu, they still serves breakfast. It was already past 11am and they are still serving breakfast. We were very disappointed and so we went back to Kawayanan Grill Station. Fortunately, they are already serving lunch food. We settled to the place we had the first time we ate there. As we wait for the food, we took pictures of the demolished building in the place. After a while the food came and we all ate.

Fish Steak

Fish Steak

Prok Sinigang

Prok Sinigang

At about 1am, Darayonan Lodge was already calling us to go back. The service going to the airport had arrived and is ready to bring us back to the airport. We quickly went back and bid farewell to the staff of Darayonan Lodge.

The tour back was just like the one when we have just arrived. As we arrived at the airport, a long queue has already formed. We joined the queue and waited for it to move. The line moved afterward and we got in after manual bag inspection. We got our boarding pass and paid P20 for terminal fee. We waited at the waiting area for several hours before the plane arrives. at 3pm, we boarded the plane back to Manila.

Our 4-day vacation ended as we parted ways upon arrival to the airport. It will be work day again the next day and we all went home to rest.


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