Posted by: backpackersescapades | April 22, 2010

Lunch Take Out at Crave Burgers

Crave Burger

Ryan was going back to their house on lunch break to get something and we decided to come and buy food at Crave Burger.

It is located along Katipunan Road, White Planes Quezon City, so while Ryan was getting the things he needs at his home, we were ordering our lunch there. Their place is small and has a few tables. Few people are there dining in when we came. The service was okay and they are attentive to us. We decided to take the food to our office since we will ran out of time if we eat there since you have to wait for a long time for your order.

We ordered Crave Cheese Burger, Ultimate Crave Burger, Combo Meal 1 which is Crave Burger, Skinny Fries and Blue Lemonade, and Chocolate Milk Shake.

We were eating the fries and drinking the Milk Shake on the way to the office.  It was good. The fries were yummy and so is the milk shake. The burgers were the star. It was a bit small but the patty was really thick.

Crave Cheese Burger

Crave Cheese Burger

The Crave Cheese Burger has the same thick patty and it has cheese and some veggies in it. It goes well with the toasted bun.

Crave Ultimate Burger

Ultimate Crave Burger

The Ultimate Crave Burger has Caramelized Onions, Cheese and Bacon Strips in it with some veggies. It was really filling and I didn’t get to finish it all.

The burger was really yummy and filling. If the store was near our office, I’m sure that we’ll regularly eat there. This place is very much recommended a must try for those burger lovers out there!


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