Posted by: backpackersescapades | April 13, 2010

Ya Kun Kaya Toast fro Dinner

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

We decided to try out the new place near our office. They serve breakfast food but we still went there to have dinner that day. We Went to Ya Kun Kaya Toast a few block away from our office.

The place is a bit small but there are only a few people going in and dining there. Their place is located just across Red Ribbon. They serve coffee and toast and people stay there to chill and relax.

We ordered their set meal which consist of a hot beverage, 4 slices of toast and two soft boiled eggs. I specifically ordered hot coffee while others tried their hot milk tea. We tried the Kaya toast.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Set Meal

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Set Meal

I didn’t like the soft boiled eggs since I tasted a soft boiled egg before and it was very much different from the one served here. I think it was a bit raw. The others seems to like it and I think this is how they really cook it. It was just a bit watery, I think they didn’t drain it well when they serve it.

The Kaya toast was yummy. It was like a jam and it goes well with the toast.

The coffee is also good. I had difficulty in sleeping after this but it was okay, I should have ordered the milk tea, which by the was was delicious.

I like the beverages they serve here and also the toast but I think I will not order their soft boiled eggs again.


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