Posted by: backpackersescapades | March 21, 2010

Birthday Treat at Shakey’s


It was my birthday last Thursday and I wanted to treat my family for dinner so we decided to eat out after we bought our weekly supply of groceries. My mom was the one who decided to eat out at Shakey’s and so we did.

Shakey’s in Festival Supermall is located at the third level on the X-Site side. The place is a bit big but it was crowded with people at that time. We need to wait for others to finish before we were seated.

We ordered a 14 inch Manager’s Choice Pizza, Chick ‘N’ Chips Family Pack and Strawberry and Mocha Super Shakes.

Manager's Choice Pizza

Manager's Choice Pizza

The 14 inch Manager’s Choice Pizza was good. It has a lot of toppings but as my mom said that before this pizza has an overflowing toppings and is really delicious.

Chick 'N' Chips

Chick 'N' Chips

The Chick ‘N’ Chips is a combination of 7 pieces deep fried chicken and Mojos with gravy. We were quite disappointed that the Mojos doesn’t have the dip we were looking for. We learned that those dip are only for single orders of Mojos. It was disappointing that we just have to dip it in ketsup. The chicken was good though. I liked it very much.

Strawberry and Mocha Super Shake

Strawberry and Mocha Super Shake

The Strawberry and Mocha Super Shakes were also yummy. It has the right amount of sweetness. The waitress had a mistake because we were just ordering for the regular size but gave us the large one, but it was fine since the shake was yummy.

Overall, the food was great, a bit disappointing on the Mojos, though. The service was okay. It was understandable because there are a lot of people there at that time.


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