Posted by: backpackersescapades | February 27, 2010

Lunch out at Memphis


I didn’t know that there is a place near our office that has a lot of restaurants to choose from. About 10 minute walk from our building, in Pioneer Center near Kapitolio Pasig City, just behind Jollibee, there is an array of restaurants that serves different dishes for you to chose from. Since it was a Saturday work, we decided to eat out for lunch. They suggested Memphis in Pioneer Center.

Memphis is in Pioneer Center, along the array of restaurants. It is located between other restaurants and could be recognized by their sign in front. The place is quite small and they serve pulutan food which, by the way, is  also a yummy meal for lunch. The servings is quite large and could be shared by several people. At lunch time, the place is crowded with families and groups who dine in there for lunch. At night, I think the place is crowded with people who unwinds from their work.

We ordered several dishes for us to share. We had Deep Fried Tawilis, Crispy Pata and Crispy Binagoongan.

The Fried Tawilis was yummy. The dip they provided, which is a mix of vinegar and some other spices, complements the dish well. The serving is plenty and the fish is crunchy and yummy.

Crispy Tawilis

Deep Fried Tawilis

The Crispy Binagoongan is yummy as well. The serving was also plenty like the previous dish.

Crispy Bingagoongan

Crispy Binagoongan

The Crispy Pata was also yummy. It was deep fried to perfection. The serving was really big. The meat is tender and the right crunch in every bite.

Crispy Pata

Crispy Pata

The food war really delicious there and all was missing is the ice cold beer. Maybe next time we try it out as a pulutan instead of a meal.



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