Posted by: backpackersescapades | February 12, 2010

Café Juanita: A Homey Place to Dine

Café Juanita

We went to Kapitolyo in Pasig to try out Café Juanita which we learned form Our Awesome Planet. It was just near Charlie’s Grind and Grill that we recently had a lunch out with our office mates. We rode a tricycle near San Miguel Avenue to go there and it was just a few minute ride to go there.

As you enter the place, you are welcomed warmly by the staff. You will come in a nice homey place. It was like a house that has a lot of dining area. They have big dining tables for big groups and small coffee table-like for one to two people. The place is decorated with lots of  stuff, plates, figurines, decorations, etc. Most are like antiques. It was a bit crowded but the place is nice. They have placed bells in each tables for the guests if ever they need assistance.

The place then has only a few guests at that moment but more guests arrive later. We got seated near the window and beside it are empty wine bottles that were used as decorations. The waiter handed us the menu and we get to chose what to order. They serve home cooked food there and you get a lot to chose from.

We decided to have Pork Sinigang, Callos Juanita, Bagnet and Samurai Crepe for dessert. They will prepare the food upon ordering and they will let you taste the sinigang before serving to know if you like the sourness of the soup.

Pork Sinigang

Pork Sinigang

The Pork Sinigang was good for 3-4 people and it has pork and vegetables. The taste is yummy and it was just like the one cooked in your home. You get to eat more rice with this dish.

Callos Juanita

Callos Juanita

The Callos Juanita was just as good as the sinigang. It was just a bit oily but that’s what makes it yummy. It was also good with rice. It was the first time I tasted callos and I am glad that the one I tasted was good.



The Bagnet was what I like best. It was lechon kawali with tomatoes and vinegar mixed together. The pork retains it crunchiness and the tomato was also crunchy. The vinegar has a unique taste and I am not sure what other spices was added to it. Overall the dish is really yummy to the last piece.

Samurai Crepe

Samurai Crepe

We were already full but we still left room for dessert. The Samurai Crepe was served for us. It was the first time I saw this dessert. It was baked in a dish and has chocolate syrup on the side. I think that was supposed to be decoration but it was chocolate so we ate it. The crepe has a baked crisp top and as you dig in, a soft cream custard was inside. It was sweet and it washes the meat and oily taste on our pallet from the food that we ate. I love this dessert and I am hoping to learn it so that I can have it at home.

That was a nice food experience but I think this place is fit for special occasions.  It was nice to have experienced to eat there and if ever given another opportunity, I am sure I’m gonna go back there to try out the other dishes.


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