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Lunch out at Charlie’s Grind and Grill

Charlie's Grind and Grill

We decided to dine out for lunch since Alain said that he knows a place that serves the best Fish n’ Chips. We went to Charlie’s Grind and Grill for our lunch out.

Charlie’s Grind and Grill is located at #16 East Capitol, Kapitolyo, Pasig City. It is one tricycle away from Shaw Blvd and San Miguel Avenue. You could even walk to go there if you wanted to have a bit of exercise. You’d pass several restaurants before you reach the place. It is just beside a car wash and their place could be recognized with a high signboard in front.

The place is small. The counter and kitchen is outside and most of the tables are inside an air conditioned place. There are also tables outside but a long chair is inside could fit a large number of people. The interior is also small but the space is maximized. There is  an LCD TV inside for entertainment when you are waiting for your order. You need to order outside and wait for your order since they will cook it upon order.

We ordered Phili Cheese Steak, Black Angus Burger with Fries, Buffalo Wings and Chocolate Milk Shake. The others ordered Fish n’ Chips and I get to taste it.

Chocolate Milk Shake

Chocolate Milk Shake

The Chocolate Milk Shake (P150) was yummy. It is served in a frosted glass and whipped cream and topped with a cherry. The taste was really chocolaty and yummy. It was served first so by the time the other dishes arrived, it was already half consumed since it was really yummy.

Fish n' Chips

Fish n' Chips

The Fish n’ Chips (P250) has a really big serving. It is a big cut of creme dory in a crisp batter with fried potatoes and a tartar sauce on the side and a slice of lemon for drizzle. A Malt Vinegar is also available if you request it.  The fish with the sauce is very yummy. Alain was right about it. The whole dish was good for two people but you could finish it up if you’re really hungry.

Buffalo WingsVegetable Sticks and Tartar sauce

Buffalo Wings

We shared a dozen of their Buffalo Wings (P320). The chicken wings have big slices and it comes with some vegetable sticks and a generous amount of tartar sauce for dip. The Buffalo Wings have the right amount of spiciness, the one I can tolerate. It is one of the reason I appreciated the dish. The spiciness could also be countered by the vegetable sticks and the dip.

Black Angus Burger with Fries

Black Angus Burger with Fries

The Black Angus Burger with Fries (P195) is a large bun with tomato, lettuce, a large slice of beef patty with melted cheese on top. It has a generous serving of deep fried potatoes on the side. The beef patty was good but we tasted more yummier burgers than that. It is very filling though and it was also yummy. The whole burger is good enough for two or if you’re really really hungry, it is enough for you.

Phili Cheese Steak

Phili Cheese Steak

The Phili Cheese Cake (P320) was a hit. It was the first time I tasted a Cheese Steak and I loved it. The bun was topped with a generous amount of sautéd beef strips and caramelized onions with green bell peppers. It was all covered with liquid cheese. The dish comes with a yummy tomato sauce and slices of Jalapeño which I didn’t used up because I really don’t like its wicked spiciness. The cheese steak itself was really yummy. You cannot hold the sandwich properly and need to use fork and knife because of the oozing filling. The beef, vegetable mixture was really yummy and I love the generous amount of cheese on top. Adding the tomato sauce, it tasted more like a pizza. I didn’t get to finish the whole dish because I had too many food to taste. We just brought it back in the office for snack the next day.

The price was a bit high but the serving was really big. It was really a filling meal and I am glad I get to taste something new. Thanks to my office mates for sharing this wonderful place to us. We will surely get back there since it is just near our office.

Officemates in Charlie's

Officemates in Charlie's



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