Posted by: backpackersescapades | February 2, 2010

Dinner at Bigby’s Cafe

Bigby's Café

We went to dinner and decided to try out Bigby’s Cafe in Mega Atrium in SM Megamall. The store is located at the 3rd Level of the Mega Atrium.

The place is small but they extend their seats outside the restaurant. The interior is decorated with lots of stuff. the crews greet you with a warm welcome as you come in. They immediately accommodates you. They have a lot of waiters there so they are all greeting us when we came in.

We ordered Sweet Onion Loops, Baja Fresh Wraps and Chix Ahoy. We didn’t wait for long before the food came.

Sweet Onion Loops

Sweet Onion Loops

The Sweet Onion Loops was a unique version of the regular onion rings. They have a generous serving for it that you’ll be full eating only this. It is has tortilla crumbs for the crust. It is best to eat when hot since the crust is manageable but as the dish gets cold, it hardens and is difficult to bite into. It comes with a garlic dip that tasted well with the loops.

Baja Fresh Wraps

Baja Fresh Wraps

The Baja Fresh Wraps was good. The menu said that it has tortilla crusted fish but it was chicken (I think) when served. I haven’t noticed if it was chicken or fish since it tasted good. It is wrapped in soft tortilla with lots of veggies inside. The plate has tortilla, salsa and garlic mayo on the side. The wrap tasted good with the garlic mayo.

Chix Ahoy

Chix Ahoy

The Chix Ahoy was also yummy. It is served in a hot plate with vegetables and potatoes on the side and the boneless chicken is topped with a lot of gravy and toasted garlic. It is also served with rice. The chicken was yummy and has a grilled smokey flavor and with the gravy, it tasted much yummier. It is really good to eat and hassle free since it was de-boned so you’ll enjoy every bite.

The serving of food there was really big and it is more than enough for us. The food was yummy and we enjoyed it. It was good that we get to try out the food there.


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