Posted by: backpackersescapades | January 4, 2010

Lunch Out at Chiggy’s


It was Marjun and Gino’s birthday and they decided to treat us for lunch. We went to Chiggy’s at the Pearl Plaza Building in Pearl Drive. It is just near Starbucks. They claim that they have the best jumbo liempo and so we tried it out.

The place is just small but good enough for a large crowd like us. They also have some seats outside but only their crew were sitting there at that time. They serve beers and mixed drinks aside from the food that is on the big menu  posted on the wall above the counter.

We ordered their Jumbo Liempo and a plate of their Sizzling Sisig. It took a bit long for our orders to arrive but it was ok since the food was prepared upon our order.

Sizzling Sisig

Sizzling Sisig

The Sizzling Sisig was served on a hot plate. It was not what I expected. The meat was like the leftovers of other meat food that was just sautéd with onions. It tasted good though but you get the feeling of eating lots of oil.

Jumbo Liempo

Jumbo Liempo

The Jumbo Liempo was good. They were true to their ads that the liempo was huge. It tasted good too and two people could share an order. The cut we had was tender and had a few bones. It was easy to handle but I guess we just got lucky since the other plates had a lot of bones and it was a bit tough.

Over all, the Jumbo Liempo is good and it one of the things that you will love in the place. Maybe next time, we could try their other dishes.


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