Posted by: backpackersescapades | December 2, 2009

Dinner at Dencio’s

Dencio's Bar and Grill

We wanted to try out Dencio’s because the last time we were there, we ate just a bit because we were late and they were already starting to drink booze. There was a nearby branch in SM Megamall and so we went there.

Dencio’s Bar and Grill is located at SM Megamall Building B just outside the mall in the road connecting the two buildings of the mall. The place is big enough for large number of people and it has tables outside for additional guests. They have a bar inside where you can order drinks.

We settled in a table near the back of the restaurant and we ordered our food. We chose Pork Sisig Supreme, Sinuglaw and Crab Rice. We waited for a while for our order to come and it took just a while before it arrived.

Crab Rice

Crab Rice

The Crab Rice was a mixture of crab meat mixed with rice. It was good and the saltiness is just right. It is a good combination to the dishes that we ordered.

Pork Sisig Supreme

Pork Sisig Supreme

The Pork Sisig Supreme was served first. They place it on a hot plate before serving and mix some raw egg in it. The plate is sizzling hot upon serving and the sisig was really good. Mixed with the egg, it acts a binder to the rest of the dish and it was really yummy. It is a great pulutan and also great with rice.



The Sinuglaw is a mixture of grilled liempo, kilawing tanigue with vinegar and some chili. The food was really good and we really liked it. The kilawin was good and has a bit sourness and spiciness because of the vinegar and chili. The liempo is quite crispy and the sourness complements it. It was also a yummy dish with the Crab Rice.

The food was good and it was all great with beer. We really liked it and maybe next time, try the other dish in their menu.


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