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World Pyro Olympics 2009: Pyro Musical

World Pyro Olympics

It’s the time of the year to watch the “greatest show on Earth”! The World Pyro Olympics is back and after a year of waiting for it, it has finally come in a new venue. WPO is usually held in Mall of Asia and is viewed in the bay side area. This year the event was held at The Fort in Bonifacio Global City. WPO has an added bonus, it will feature a Pyro-Musical, the first in the history of Pyrolympics.

The new venue is located at the back of Bonifacio High Street in The Fort. The traffic was altered because of the closed streets  for the event. The gates opened at 2:30PM but the main fireworks were scheduled at 7 in the evening.

Tickets vary depending on where you will watch. P200 is charged for general viewing area, P500 and P1500 for special viewing and VIP.

Joms and I went there at around 4pm but there were only a few people in the event area so we opt to walk around Bonifacio High Street as we wait for the crowd in the venue to grow. There were a lot of people in Bonifacio High Street that are like us, waiting for people to gather in the event grounds. At around 6pm, we decided to go in.

The event grounds has a lot of small booths and there is a big play place for kids with large inflatable dinosaurs. There were bands playing before the main event. We watched them before the rain began to pour. Since it was an open area, the small tents were the only thing available for refuge for us. The bad weather condition that night lasted for more than half an hour moving the event at 8pm. It was quite disappointing and we were all soaked in rain.

After a few minutes, the rain was gone but after a few hours, it was back and this time, since there are more people around, it was really a discomfort for most of us. The event pushed through even though it is still raining.

Germany was first to perform. They have a nice combination of music, some are rock and together with the display of fireworks, it was really an awesome display of fireworks.We didn’t mind the drizzle of rain as the fireworks display is being presented. It was quite annoying since we could not take much picture and had to look for a place where we will not get wet.

The usual interval for the fireworks display is about an hour but due to turn of events, 30 minutes were allotted for the sky to clear.

China was next. Red lights fill the sky as Chinese music played. Music from Mulan and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was played together with the amazing display of lights. It was more amazing than the first one and it all left us in amazement. Unfortunately, smoke was gathering on the sky since there are no wind blowing it away  making most of the fireworks not visible to the audience. It was quite disappointing since we waited for this and paid P200 but it was okay and we were content.

WPO FireworksWPO FireworksWPO FireworksWPO FireworksWPO FireworksWPO Fireworks

After the fireworks display, people quickly vacated the venue making the Bonifacio High Street over crowded. We had a hard time going around it. We returned to Market! Market! for our ride home. I was not feeling well because of the rain and stress that day. It was tiring but it was fun night. Surely, I will wait for the finale of the event. I just hope that there are no rains during that night.

Note: World Pyro Olympics was postponed due to weather conditions. For updates, visit World Pyro Olympics website.


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