Posted by: backpackersescapades | November 9, 2009

Late Birthday Celebration at Burgoo


It was Jom’s late birthday celebration and I decided to treat him in Burgoo in The Podium for a late birthday gift.

Burgoo is located at the second floor of The Podium in Ortigas. The place is big and there is a closed area at the center for smoking customers. Each tables has a large blank sheet of paper that serves as place mats and also for doodling when you are waiting for your order as they provide crayons for each table.

As we seat, the waiter introduced himself to us writing his name on the blank paper on the table amazingly upside down. As we wait for our order, we doodled on the table making ourselves busy with our own piece of artwork. It was a cool idea to do that to make the guests busy as they wait. This minimizes the guests impatience as they wait for food. But as for that day, since they only have a few guests dining in there and the food arrived after just a few doodles.

We ordered a plate of Chicken Teriyaki Pasta and a Hamburgoo.  The Chicken Tereyaki Pasta is a crunchy and flavorful chicken fillet with spaghetti pasta and garnished with green onions. The regular serving is good enough for two. It has a teriyaki sauce and it has a different unique taste for a pasta sauce. It took me a while to figure out that it has a similar taste to one of the pastas in Yellowcab. The chicken was crispy and goes well with the sauce and pasta together with the toasted bread on the side. We both enjoyed the dish as we shared the plate of pasta and chicken.

Chicken Teriyaki Pasta

Chicken Teriyaki Pasta

The Hamoburgoo is their their “best” burger. It has a charbroiled patties with a mixture of pork, chicken and beef and served with onions, pickles, tomatoes, cheese in a warm sesame bun. Indeed it was a delicious burger and we enjoyed the mix of flavors in every bite. I consider it one of the most yummy burgers we have tasted. It also has some fries on the side which you could bite on in between a mouthful of burger.



We ended the night full with all the yummy food in Burgoo. We sure enjoyed our stay there with all the good food and the doodling. I’m sure we’re going to go back to eat there again.


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