Posted by: backpackersescapades | October 19, 2009

Refreshing Treats at BubbaTeaLicious


There is a small stall in SM Megamall food court that caught my attention. They have a green Michelin-like mascot painted all over the small stall. I learned that it was called BubbaTeaLicious Pearl Milk Tea Place.

We tried to order and taste it for curiosity sake. Also, I am intrigued with what would black pearls taste with tea (as seen in their menu). We ordered Chocolate Milk Tea and Green Apple Tea. The crew started to mix up our drinks as soon as we order it and you could watch it if you like. It will only take a couple of minutes before the drink is done.

Chocolate Milk Tea and Green Apple Tea

Green Apple Tea and Chocolate Milk Tea

I was disappointed that the black pearls has an additional fee and I opt not to put some on mine. I feel betrayed since all the images they had in the menu has it and when I got my drink, It doesn’t have even a single piece.

The Chocolate Milk Tea was good. It tasted like ordinary iced milk tea plus a hint of chocolate in it. The Green Apple Tea tasted nice. You could taste the tea in it at the same time the apple flavoring that they add. It was mixed with ice and was blended to create a nice smoothie. They used the same tea mixture in all their beverage and adds the flavoring that the customer chose. It was a refreshing drink and we liked it. It was something different from the usual cold mixed iced beverages that we tasted.  Maybe the next time I’ll really try it with the black pearls.



  1. i’m surprised they asked you to pay extra for pearls. i’m pretty sure it’s a standard thing that comes with it. i’ve ordered a lot of teas from there and they never asked me to pay extra.

  2. I bought a Matcha Milk Tea from their stall in World Trade Center, at 55 pesos, it comes with pearls already.

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