Posted by: backpackersescapades | October 13, 2009

Cravings: Sisig Hooray! Dinner

I was craving for sisig and I was lucky enough that we are going to SM Megamall. I always see Sisig Hooray!‘s ad at the front of the food court but I really didn’t have a chance to try it out. But today is my lucky day!

Sisig Hooray! is located at SM Megamall’s food court. They have a big ad wherein Pekto is their endorser.

We ordered a meal of pork sisig. This meal already comes with a cup of rice. Their sisig is made up of chopped deep fried crispy pork parts, chicharon,  some onions and chili mixed with mayonnaise. They mix this all together and heat it up in the microwave. After a few seconds, it is ready to serve. You can have soy sauce and calamansi to add an extra flavor to the dish.

Sisig Meal

Sisig Meal

The sisig was a bit oily. When you’re almost at the bottom of the styro the pork is already swimming in oil. I need to drain it out to enjoy the rest of the meal. The calamansi and soy sauce add a bit of flavor to it and it is definitely good with rice since when you eat it on its own, you can taste the grease in it and it is not pleasant. It was good enough to satisfy my craving but I am still looking for Giligan’s sizzling pork sisig.

Overall their sisig is good enough, it taste good and mixed with mayo, it really enhances the flavor, but don’t eat too much of it because it is really unhealthy. I could still imagine it swimming in oil, yuck!


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