Posted by: backpackersescapades | September 16, 2009

Dinner at Bonnie’s

After another Badminton practice for the company’s sportsfest, Flip, Joms and I met up with Irish, Wazer and Yhene at EDSA Central to have dinner. We decided to try out the newly opened place there, Bonnie’s BBQ Grill.

The place was small but it was nice. There were sofas and the other chairs were cushioned. The dining tables were a bit small but it was okay. In the corner, there is a drum set and some guitars for the performers in the place. Large LCD TV’s playing Friends are available there. The kitchen was on the front of the store. The only problem there is that the smoke from the grill goes inside the store which fogs up the place. The band playing there plays acoustic songs and I think the vocalist is also the owner of the store since he accommodates the guests there. As we observed, Their place is somewhat based on the series that they show there.

Bonnies Food: Sizzling Sisig, Grilled Liempo, Ensalada, Barbecue

Bonnie's Food: Sizzling Sisig, Grilled Liempo, Ensalada, Barbecue

We ordered Sizzling Sisig, Grilled Liempo, Ensalada and some barbecue. They also give out some free soup. The service is not that good. We waited a long time for the food to arrive and we were all hungry by the time it came. The food was generally fine considering the price but I was disappointed with the Sizzling Sisig. The serving was so small that isn’t even enough for one meal. The serving of the free sisig for a bucket of beer in Watering Hole was much more plenty compared to that. The Grilled Liempo was okay but it was a bit tough. I think it was not cooked properly. The Ensalada was quite okay considering that there are a lot in a serving.

Overall, the place was fine, It could use some improvements though. It was acceptable since it was just newly opened but I hope they improve the place more since their concept is good.


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