Posted by: backpackersescapades | August 29, 2009

Dinner at Tokyo Café

I have promised Joms a treat at Tokyo Café the first time I read about it on blogs, and now that we are in Mall of Asia, I decided to fulfill my promise.

After a long day of practice photography and watching movie, we decided to eat dinner at Tokyo Café. It is located at the Ground Floor of the South Wing of MOA’s Main Building. It could be found just beside one of the entrances of the mall. They have a place to dine in inside and also outside. The place is just small but it has a homey feel. Each time a customer enters, they are happily greeted with “Konbanwa“, which is ‘Good Evening’, by the Staff.

East meets West in this place. It is not your typical Japanese restaurant since they serve steaks, pasta and other non-Japanese dish. But each dish has a touch of Japanese in it. You will not feel lost dining in at that Café. The tables are small and could be re-arranged to cater to the quantity of the customers that would dine there. Each table has its own basket of utensils with it and house water is served as each guests takes a seat.

As we were seated, we were given the menu. We decided to order Hamburg Pasta and Pork Shoga Yaki. It was not long for our food to arrive. It took just a couple of minutes before the food is served.

Pork Shoga Yaki

Pork Shoga Yaki

First to land on our table was the Pork Shoga Yaki. It is thin pork strips which was stir-fried in Japanese soy sauce and ginger. It was served with potato salad on the side. Each bite on the pork strips is a burst of soy sauce and ginger flavor in your mouth. It was not tough since the pork was thinly sliced. It goes well with the potato salad. It was really nice dish and We enjoyed it very much.

Hamburg Pasta

Hamburg Pasta

Next was the Hamburg Pasta. It is basically pasta with a hamburger patty on top. The pasta was good but the sauce was a bit thin and a bit sour for my taste buds. It was good together with the hamburger patty. The patty has a crispy surface and a tender meat inside. It has a bit crunch and juiciness in every bite.

It was a filling meal and we enjoyed both the dishes. But we ordered a dessert to seal the deal. The Manila Mango Crepe was served after they cleaned up our table.

Manila Mango Crepe

Manila Mango Crepe

The Manila Mango Crepe is a crepe dessert with sliced mangoes, whipped cream and mango ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup. The Mango ice cream goes well with the crepe and so is the sweetness of the Manila mangoes. The  crepe was a bit starchy that you could taste flour in every bite but it was forgiven since the mango was really good. This really proves that nothing beats Philippine Mangoes.

It was really a satisfying dinner and we were full from the dishes we had. There are a lot more interesting dishes in the menu but It would have to wait for our next visit at that place. After a while of resting, we decided to go as the staff greeted us farewell with an “Arigatou“!.



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