Posted by: backpackersescapades | August 21, 2009

Dinner Date with Friends at Crustasia

Ate Neysa was about to go back to work abroad so we decided to have dinner before she goes. They’ve planned everything since I was busy with work then. I just went to Alabang Town Center since they said that we would have dinner then. Only when I met them I knew their plan for the night.

We had dinner at Crustasia in Alabang Town Center. It is located at the 2nd level of the Corte delas Palmas near other restaurants there. Their place is at the far side of the 2nd floor just across Mexicali. They have a place to dine in and outside. The restaurant is dimly lit and a touch of Asian with it. The attendants were accommodating and were ready to assist you anytime. Their tables are wide that we had difficulty talking with the one across us. Each seat is provided with a plate and a bib for eating. This gives us a hint that eating there could go a bit messy.

We ordered Yang Chow Fried Rice, Thai Barbecue Chicken, Crab By the Bucket which we preferred to be Singaporean Chili, and a plate of Sweet and Sour Fish Cutlets.

Appetizer in Crustasia

Carrot and Turnip Sticks in Ice: Appetizer in Crustasia

We waited for a while before the food is ready. We were served with a plate of appetizer while waiting. Carrot and Turnip Sticks was served with ice together with three dips. One dip was like vinegar with a bit of sugar to make it a bit sweet. The other is Plum Sauce and the last that we enjoyed was a the one which is a bit syrupy in consistency and a bit sweet in taste. It goes well with both turnip and carrot sticks. Tea was also served which is pretty good to wash down the food we will eat later.

After a long while, the waiters were arranging stuff on our tables. They are placing extra plates and some small bowls with lemon and some damp towels to wash up our hands to. This indicated that our meal will be served in a short while. We got ready and wear our bibs for the meal that awaits us.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

The Yang Chow Fried Rice was good enough for all of us. We didn’t realize that we liked more after eating up. The rice could be a meal on itself. It has a lot of bits of vegetables and meat pieces with it and it really tasted well, perfect for all the dishes we ordered.

Thai Barbecue Chicken

Thai Barbecue Chicken

The Thai Barbecue Chicken is one spicy chick. It has a really spicy salsa dip that comes with it. The grilled chicken retains all its smokey flavor and the right amount of spiciness that is a signature of Thai dishes. You get to eat a lot of rice when eating it. One plate has a generous amount of chicken wings and other parts cut as small as the chicken wings.

Sweet and Sour Fish Cutlets

Sweet and Sour Fish Cutlets

The Sweet and Sour Fish Cutlets was one of my favorite that night. The fish was breaded and deep fried and a sweet and sour sauce was poured on top of it topped with vegetables and pineapples. The fish cutlet blends really good with the sauce. The fish were fresh and flavorful which you could taste in every bite. It was indeed a hit that night.

Crab by The Bucket in Singaporean Chili Sauce

Crab by The Bucket in Singaporean Chili

The star of the night was the Bucket of Crabs cooked in Singaporean Chili. The crabs were chopped and the shells were cracked for ease of eating. Together with the sauce which is made of oil, garlic and chopped chilies. It was indeed a spicy dish and it was really good. It was time for our hands to get messy and so we used it to crack the shells and get pieces of crab meat from the crabs. Indeed it was messy but it was the best way to eat crabs. I love the claws the best since the meat tastes best there. Together with the chili oil and the crab meat, it was a great partner for the Yang Chow.

We finished the dishes with a full stomach. We used the bowl with lemon in it to wash up. Our plates has piles of crab shells with it. It was really a good meal and everyone enjoyed it.

After the dinner, we headed to Festival Supermall to catch a movie for that night. It was a busy day that day but it ended up nice. I hope we could do that one more time when Ate Neysa comes back once again.


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