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Lunch Out at Pancake House

It was Dada’s last days on ACS so our team decided to buy her something for her last day. Since we were thinking of something naughty and there is this one shop we know that sell those kind of stuff, we all headed at Metrowalk at lunch.

Before deciding on what to buy for Dada, Bubuy, Yhene, Irish, Ai, Joms and I decided to eat lunch first so that we could discuss what to eat while eating. We all decided to dine in Pancake House which is a few stalls away from the sex shop we are planning to buy our gift for Dada.

The restaurant was quite small but it could accommodate a large group like us. They hung movie posters on their walls there as their decorations. The serving was average. Some were served quickly while others takes a long time. The crews are also accommodating and will attend to your needs quickly. The ambiance there was nice and you could relax at the same time enjoy the food while you’re there.

Irish and Yhene ordered a plate of Cheese Waffles. Bubuy ordered a plate of Beef Tapa, Joms ordered a Pork Vienna Meal, Yhene ordered a plate of Classic Pan Chicken, Irish ordered a Pan Chicken Special Set and Ai and I ordered a Hot Roast Chicken Special Set.

Golden Brown Waffles

Cheese Waffle

The Cheese Waffles landed on our table first. Yhene and Irish had us all taste the waffles that they spread with butter. It was good, the waffles were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. It tasted better with syrup. However, Irish preferred it without. The Cheese in it gave it a bit of saltiness and together with the crispiness of the outer layer, it was really nice to have it as an appetizer, even though it was meant to be eaten for breakfast.

Beef Tapa Meal

Beef Tapa Meal

Bubuy’s Beef Tapa came next. It was served with rice, egg and some pickled papaya and carrots with tomatoes. It also has some vinegar dip on the side. I have tasted a piece of the tapa and it was nice. The typical tapa meal you could have in other restaurant. It was nice breakfast food though.

Classic Pan Chicken

Classic Pan Chicken

Pan Chicken Special Set

Pan Chicken Special Set

Irish’s Pan Chicken Special Set and Yhene’s Classic Pan Chicken came next. Their chicken was deep fried until golden brown and it has a crispy skin and moist meat inside. It was served with their own gravy. The gravy tasted a bit starchy and lacks flavor. It was good with the chicken but not the kind of gravy you are used to on other restaurants. Yhene’s meal comes with a cup of rice while Irish’s with a serving of tuna macaroni salad, butter and toast and a glass of iced tea. The tuna macaroni salad was good. It has tuna, mayonnaise, onions, and other spices mixed with the macaroni. You could taste the onions with it immediately but it is not that overpowering. You could still taste the tuna mixed with it. Together with the chicken, it is a good combination.

Pork Vienna Meal

Pork Vienna Meal

Joms’ Pork Vienna Meal was next. It is a breaded pork served with rice and a mix of vegetables with dressing and a sweet and spicy dip. The pork goes really well with the dip. The salad complements it well. It was a good dish all together.

Hot Roast Chicken Special Set

Hot Roast Chicken Special Set

The Hot Roast Chicken Special Set came last. It was served really late compared to the other food we ordered. It comes with a generous amount of chicken on top of a bread topped with gravy. It has a serving of taco and a macaroni salad on the side.  It was also served with a glass of iced tea. The meal was really good and filling. The roasted chicken was kind of bland and the gravy doesn’t help enhance the flavor. I tried it with Joms’ dip and it tasted better. The salad was nice and it goes well with the chicken. The taco was a bit messy to eat but it has a generous amount of beef, vegetables and cheese with it that makes it really good. I liked the meal since it was filling but they should improve of the gravy’s taste.

Banana Split

Banana Split

After that, Yhene ordered three Banana Split for us all to share. It has three scoops of ice cream in between the banana that was sliced in half. There are also chocolate chips, gulaman and peanut butter with it and was drizzled with chocolate syrup. It is a loaded dessert and it was more than enough for two people to share. I like the peanut butter with the ice cream and banana. I am not just a fan of the gulaman with it that I didn’t eat it, I didn’t know if it also goes well with the rest of the toppings.

After the meal, we were all full and we decided to buy Dada her farewell present. I guess the food made us decide quickly and in just a few minutes we are heading back to the office with Dada’s gift for her despedida party.



  1. jer, cheese waffle yung niorder namin. may cheese na sya sa loob. yung nasa taas nun ay butter. hihi. ^_^

    • lasang cheese kc e, kala q ung butter un.. haha! cge, edit q.. 😛

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