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Korean Lunch Out at Dona Dona

It was another Saturday work and we were all lazy to do what we have to do. We all decided to eat out at lunch to escape the lazy day we are all having. We went to Pearl Plaza just along Pearl Drive to try out a Korean restaurant.

Dona Dona is located at the 1st level of Pearl Plaza just behind Starbucks. It is a Korean restaurant and there are only a few people dining in. Their small place has small exhausts on tables that would be used when you order something that would require you to use the hot pots on the tables. The restaurant is really Korean having ads that are written in Korean. Also their menu is very difficult to understand since the translation is just for the food name and not its description. You just have to rely on the pictures beside each food. It was a relief that the waitresses were friendly enough to answer all our inquiries about the food they serve there.

We ended up ordering a bento meal wherein it was served with all the side dishes and an iced tea for drinks. Some had other orders but we preferred the bento meal since it was what the waitresses have explained that made us decide to try it out.

While waiting for our food, we were served with a Tea Water. At first, we thought it was just water but when we tasted it, we understood why it was colored a bit yellowish. We waited there for a short while since they need to cook your food upon ordering. It was nice because the food is still hot when It was served.

Appetizers in Dona Dona

Appetizers in Dona Dona

Irish’s Breaded Pork (I don’t know the Korean name) was served first. It came with 7 plates of appetizers. Some of it are kimchi, fried tofu, sweet shrimps, zucchini, egg, and some vegetables. We thought that the appetizers were for all of us to share but learned that we get our own in our bento meal. We still shared Irish’s appetizers since are food has not yet arrived.

Breaded Pork

Breaded Pork

I get to taste Irish’s food. It comes with rice and some fried potatoes and some salad for side dish. The pork was breaded in some flour and other seasoning. It tasted like the regular breaded pork you could buy at restaurants only that this one comes with a nice sauce on top. It tastes good. I didn’t know how the fried potatoes tasted like and so is the salad on the side since I didn’t ask Irish for a bite.

Our food came next. Some of us ordered a Chicken Bento Meal and some the Beef Bulgogi Bento Meal. My memory couldn’t remember how it was called in Korean and I just relied on what the waitresses said it was.

The bento meal comes with a generous amount of rice, soup, the main dish, some salad side dish and the appetizers in small portions, all seven was there.

Beef Bulgogi Bento Meal

Beef Bulgogi Bento Meal

I ordered the Beef Bulgogi since I was craving for it since the last time I tasted it in Chosun. It tasted different form what I’ve tasted before. I kinda liked the one in Chosun but I still liked the one served here. It has the same sweetness that I was looking for but not that overpowering. You still get to taste the beef flavor in it. It was also nice that there are some appetizers served along with it. It makes you taste a different flavor other than the main dish you are eating. You will not get bored on what you are eating.  Overall, the Beef Bulgogi was really really good.

Chicken Bento Meal

Chicken Bento Meal

I also get to taste the Chicken Bento Meal. The sauce that was with the chicken was really good. I am not sure how the chicken was cooked but it looks like adobo but when you taste it with its sauce, it is a different dish on what you thought it was. It was a bit sweet but just right to taste the other flavors in it. The dish was also good.

Celene and Flip ordered a different food, Korean Beef Stew and some noodles. I didn’t get to have a picture of it and didn’t get a chance to taste it since the two of them was seated far from me. I think their dish also tasted good since they get to finish the dish just like the rest of us.

Overall, the food in Dona Dona is really good. Even though their main market are Korean that could be found near the area, Pinoys could still appreciate the food and would keep coming back for more.

We went back to the office very very full and were still lazy to do our work that afternoon.



  1. Just to help out… the “bento” meals are called dosirak (dOH-shi-rak) ^^

    • thanks for the info! 🙂

  2. Aside from the liberal usage of “it tastes good”, this review was not really helpful. Readers could sure use a detailed description of the food, how it tastes like and its bang for the buck. I have been there a few times before, and we do come back time and again for the Sam Gyup Sal. I will write my own review after my next return.

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