Posted by: backpackersescapades | July 22, 2009

Breakfast Food for Dinner at Rufo’s

We were on our way home when we decided to eat dinner. Fortunately, there was a new Rufo’s Famous Tapa restaurant just across our building. We decided to try out the new place before we head home.

The previous Rufo’s that we eat in is in San Miguel Avenue and is a long walk from the office. It was small and is just ideal for take out or delivery. The new branch is located along Shaw Blvd and it is a lot bigger and a lot nearer in our office. Bigger crowd could dine in together and you could have a choice if you want to dine inside or outside the restaurant.

They usually offer breakfast foods but they also have some booze so that people could hangout at night. They also have nice service since even the guard was accommodating us and giving us the menu, and was also cleaning other tables.

We decided to order a plate of TapSiLog Meal, Barbecue Meal and some sodas. The food came after a short while and still hot.

Rufos TapSiLog

Rufo's TapSiLog

Their famous Tapa was really good. They serve it with their own special sauce and it is what makes it unique to other tapas. Together with the sinangag, it makes a different flavor that makes it taste good. It is said that it has been their house specialty since 1984. No wonder it really taste good and it is unique. However, we noticed that the serving of the Tapa here is a bit less than that on their other branch.

Rufos Barbecue Meal

Rufo's Barbecue Meal

The Barbecue Meal, which I have ordered, also tasted good. They serve two sticks per meal. The meat skewered on the sticks were glazed with a barbecue sauce that really taste well. The meal also comes with an achara and combined with the tasty meat, it was really good. I looked how it taste and also, the serving was really generous.

As for the price of the two meals we ordered, it was average, it was less than a hundred pesos per meal, just enough to enjoy a decent filling meal.

It was nice to have Rufo’s nearer our office. It would be another alternative when we got tired of canteen and convenient store food that we are usually having when we are hungry.



  1. haha! dabest ang tapsi dito sa rufo’s. hmm.. ay pero mas gusto ko pala ung sa rodic’s sa upd. hehehe. try mo rin. 😉

    • hmmm.. cge cge, pag napadpad ako malapit jn.. haha! 😛

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