Posted by: backpackersescapades | July 16, 2009

Korean Dinner at Chosun

I missed our pig-out sessions that we usually do earlier this year so I decided to ask Joms to a Korean Restaurant since I wanted to have a taste of Korean food plus I am craving for barbecue.

We went to Chosun Korean BBQ and Noodles restaurant in Shangri-la Plaza Mall. It is located near the cinema complex with the other small restaurants there. It’s place is small and the dining area extends to the mall hallways. Their place is small but it could accommodate many people. It was a bit dimly lit and the area outside is lit by mall lights. It was a bit noisy since many people are dining in the other restaurants as well and there are people passing by to and from the cinemas.

We settled on a table with a soft cushioned seat. The waitresses quickly brought us the menu and we decided on what to eat. We ended up ordering a Chicken Fried Rice, Beef Bulgogi Ramen and a Beef Bulgogi that comes with lettuce.



They served us some appetizers. It was kimchi, fried tofu, omelet, and some fish strips. The kimchi was good, a bit spicy but still a good appetizer. So was the other three. It really takes your mind off waiting for the food you ordered. They also served us hot tea together with the appetizers.

Beef Bulgogi Ramen

Beef Bulgogi Ramen

The Beef Bulgogi Ramen came first. The soup was hot and a bit spicy. We ordered a mild spiciness in the soup. It has some noodles and egg topped with strips of beef and some leeks. The hotness of the soup was really nice in the stomach especially that it was a rainy that night. The spiciness of the food was only tasted at first and as we dug in to the soup, it was gone. The beef really blends well with the noodles. It was a bit sweet just right to counter the spiciness of the soup. It was nice that our stomachs were warmed before the meal.

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice

Beef Bulgogi

Beef Bulgogi

The Chicken Fried Rice and Beef Bulgogi came last. The fried rice was good. It has bits of chicken and some finely chopped vegetables. It was just an ordinary fried rice but the chicken bits could be tasted on each bite.

The Beef Bulgogi was my favorite that night. It was served in a sizzling plate with the lettuce and some dip with it. Just like the beef in in the ramen, it was a bit sweet. I loved its taste and when you wrapped it in lettuce that comes with it, it was much more delicious. It was also good paired up with the fried rice.It was the taste I’ve been craving for and I think I’ll crave more of its taste after this meal.

The serving was good enough for two to three people but we managed to finish it in about 2 hours. we stayed there for hours that the mall was about to close but since the restaurants there are still open way past the closing hours of the mall, we didn’t hurry ourselves to finish all the food.

It was really a filling dinner and we were really satisfied with the food. It was my first time to eat at a Korean Restaurant and I’ve enjoyed the experience. It was similar to the one I used to watch at TV.

It was a nice night and I enjoyed the food as well as the company that night. It was nice to pig-out again after a long while.



  1. I like the spicy ramen 😀

  2. […] ordered the Beef Bulgoi since I was craving for it since the last time I tasted it in Chosun. It tasted different form what I’ve tasted before. I kinda liked the one in Chosun but I […]

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