Posted by: backpackersescapades | July 13, 2009

Salad Night at Wendy’s

We wanted to eat dinner but we don’t want to eat much that’s why Joms and I decided to try Wendy’s salads.

After work, we went to Sangri-la Plaza Mall, the nearest place where there is a Wendy’s in our office. We ordered a Big Macaroni Salad, Cheese Burger, Chicken Go Wrap and a Biggie Sprite for the two of us.

Cheese Burger and Chicken Go Wraps

Cheese Burger and Chicken Go Wraps

We ate the Cheese Burger and the Chicken Go Wrap which is good. The Cheese Burger is a classic. I really love Wendy’s hamburger patties besides the fact that they are square shaped, the melted cheese on them really tastes good. As for the Chicken Go Wraps, the chicken pieces are wrapped in a pita bread with vegetables, cheese and some dressing. It was not as messy to eat as other wrapped sandwiches and the chicken tastes really good.

Big Macaroni Salad

Big Macaroni Salad

The Big Macaroni Salad was delicious as well. It has some macaroni salad in the middle, cucumber, tomato, gulaman, shredded carrots and lettuce on the side, topped with a yummy dressing. All together it tastes good. Their plate was really small to toss all the ingredients together and we used another to separate it into to so that it would mix well with the dressing. The salad was filling but not heavy in the stomach. I really love it. It is a nice meal for those who want to eat a light dinner. It was really satisfying.

It was a healthy dinner for us that night and I really loved it. I think I’ll eat more salads this time since I’ve been indulging in so many delicious foods lately.

We went home afterward to rest since there is still work the next day.


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