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Girl’s Night Out at the Embassy

It was another gimmick night for us. It was as if we were addicted to the night life at The Fort that we wanted another go. This time, Embassy.

We were supposed to be in the guest list but there is a guest DJ at the Embassy so we didn’t get to be in one. We just decided to go and pay for our entrance.

As usual, we got together at 8pm and decided to have dinner together. We were supposed to find a nice restaurant in The Fort but unfortunately, Nerisse forgot her license so we got back to Festival Supermall and decided to have our dinner there while we wait for her brother to get the license.

We ate at Las Paellas Café in Festival Supermall. It is a Spanish type restaurant that serves Paellas. Their place is located near Starbucks. They have a small place, about seven to eight tables inside and a few more outside. The walls are decorated with pictures of their cuisine. It has a bit of homey ambiance inside and it was a nice place in general.

Las Paellas Café, Festival Supermall

Las Paellas Café, Festival Supermall

We ordered a plate of Paella Valenciana, Clams in White Wine Pasta, Crispy Squid Tentacles, and Next Best Thing, Frozen Brazo and Yema Cake for dessert.

The Paella Valenciana took about 30 minutes to be served since they were to cook it upon order. It was alright since we were still not that hungry. The Crispy Squid Tentacles was the first to be served. It comes with a garlic mayonnaise dip. The squids were small and tender. They were not tough to chew and the mayo dip goes very well with it. It is a nice appetizer and one serving is good for about 2-3 people. It was quite few since we are five in the group but we have other foods that night so it was alright. It was a good thing that I don’t really like tentacles and so the serving was good for all of us to share.

Crispy Squid Tentacles

Crispy Squid Tentacles

The Clams in White Wine Pasta was served next. The pasta has a lot of clams in it and you need to take them out of their shell to enjoy. The pasta taste good. It was the first time that I tasted an oil based pasta with wine and it was not that bad. The flavors could be tasted as you take a mouth full of the dish. There is also a slice of bread on the side that complements the dish well.

Clams in White Wine Pasta

Clams in White Wine Pasta

The Paella Valenciana came at last. It was served in a hot plate with foil covering it. The plate was big and is good enough for 4-5 people to share. It has a lot of toppings such as shrimps, muscles and other seafood, chorizo and sausages. The Rice was delicious. It has some meat into it. All the flavors of the meat and seafood it has was infused in the rice. It was really delicious and you can’t help but to have yet another plate full of it.

Paella Vallenciana

Paella Vallenciana

After the yummy dinner, we asked the waiter to get our desserts. The Frozen Brazo, Yema Cake and Next Best Thing. The Yema Cake was good. It tasted like milk. I am not really sure where is the yema part, maybe its the milky flavor since people have different ways of cooking yema. But still, it was good, not too sweet and just right.

Sweet Treats: Frozen Brazo, Yema Cake and Next Best Thing

Sweet Treats: Frozen Brazo, Yema Cake and Next Best Thing

The Frozen Brazo was also good. The bottom layer of the cake was made with meringue and the top was made with the usual Brazo de Mercedes egg mixture. It was a bit sweet but it was still just right. The meringue blends well with the brazo and together, they have a different flavor and it was good.

The Net Best Thing was my favorite that night. It is a flour less chocolate cake and it was served warm. An ice cream topped the cake and it complements the dessert. as you taste it you’ll have a cold sensation from the ice cream followed by the warmness of the cake and it was good. There were a bit bitter parts on the cake, it seems like it was burned but it was still good.

After the delicious dinner, we head back to the car (with Nerisse having her license) on our way to Embassy to party until dawn.

We arrived at The Fort at about 10pm. We went around the place before going to the Embassy. People are crowding there and there are a lot of queue. We went inside and paid P500 for the entrance fee. That includes 3 drinks from the bar.

Embassy at The Fort

Embassy at The Fort

The place was nice. Loud music was playing as we go near the rooms. The room we got in had the VIP’s on the side and the paying customers at the dance floor. The DJ’s are on the stage and girls are dancing. A lot of people were also dancing and drinking.The room, unlike in Prince of Jaipur, was well ventilated. It was not even though a lot of people was in there. Lights were also nice and they have a smoke machine that makes you see the nice effects of the laser lights on the dance floor.

We enjoyed ourselves there. We ordered some drinks, a cocktail mix with vodka and some sour juice and soda in it. I am not sure what they call it but it tasted good. We decided to go to the other room but to go there, we need to form a queue since the other room is also full of party people. We tried to look for the end of the queue but we failed several times. When we got tired, we ordered another drink, this time, it was a vodka with clear soda in it. After that, we decided to try our luck and we successfully found the end of the queue. We waited there for about an hour before we reached the bar near the entrance. Fortunately, Ate Neysa’s relative, the bartender at the VIP lounge, was there and he gave us a nice mix. It was. I think, cherry flavored vodka and clear soda. It has a cherry in it that you could eat.

After we finished up the drink, Ate Neysa’s relative escorted us to the next room. We didn’t need to get to the front of the queue, we were VIP’s!

The other room was much more fun. As we entered it, everyone was in party mood. The atmosphere was more party like and we enjoyed our stay there. It was only for a short time but we still enjoyed it.

We went outside at about 3am. We were all tired, a bit drunk but happy. We walked to the parking and decided to look for a Starbucks in SLEX to take away the sleepiness.

We reached the Shell Gas station in SLEX at about 3:30am. The Starbucks were already closed so we decided to eat at Jollibee. We ordered breakfast foods and hot chocolate to wake up our senses. We had a bit of chit chat and then we went home. It was a tiring night but we enjoyed it. Another one of our planned gimmiks happened and we are glad to spend some time together.



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