Posted by: backpackersescapades | June 25, 2009

Mang Inasal Night

It was another dinner night with Joms. We decided to try Mang Inasal in StarMall. We usually see the restaurant when waiting for a bus home and also back in Iloilo, the restaurant is quite famous. We decided to have our dinner there.

The place was big and is dimly lighted. It is narrow but it can accommodate a lot of customers.  The lamps were a bit like Japanese inspired. I wonder if they re-used the old restaurant that was there before they got the place. Teriyaki Boy was there before Mang Inasal.

We ordered their Sulit Meal. We didn’t had the unlimited rice because we were not that hungry that night. We also ordered a plate of Crispy Kangkong.

Chicken Inasal Meal

Chicken Inasal Meal

The part we had on our Inasal Meal was small unlike when you ordered a Paborito Meal, which has the unlimited rice promo. I was quite disappointed with the size since I was expecting a large serving with their inasal. The taste was good though. The marinade they used really penetrated in the chicken meat and you could taste it in every bite. I liked the taste, maybe next time I’ll order the meal where they serve big parts. The meal was served with a rice wrapped in banana leaf. It has a generous amount of rice, much more generous than the chicken serving.

Crispy Kangkong

Crispy Kangkong

The Crispy Kangkong came last. We were almost finished with our meal when it arrived. It was served with a mayonnaise dip. The kangkong was really crispy and you need to finish up the whole leaf so that it will not crumble in your hands. The mayonnaise dip complements it well.

All in all, we liked the chicken inasal because of its flavor. The Crispy Kangkong was also good if only it was served earlier. We stayed for a while and went home afterward.

It was another filling night and I enjoyed it.


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