Posted by: backpackersescapades | June 23, 2009

Supreme Bowl Dinner at KFC

We got hungry after work so Joms and I decided to eat at KFC in Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

The last time we eat at KFC was in Megamall and we got there on their closing time that is why we didn’t get to order what we wanted, their Supreme Bowl.

We ordered their Italian Roma and Chinese Imperial. We also had one of their Bucket of Fries.

The Bucket of Fries came first and I was disappointed because in the TV commercial, the mini bucket had Colonel Sander’s face in it together with the KFC logo but when it was served to us, it was plain white bucket with fries that are not overflowing. I think they placed a few in it. I would have complained but I was so damn tired and hungry to argue that day. Never the less, it was KFC fries and we just got a lot of gravy as dip to our fries.

KFC Bucket of Fries

KFC Bucket of Fries

The Supreme Bowls came next. Both had a fried eggplant to complement the dish. I really don’t know why the Italian Roma and  had to have fried eggplant but what the hell, it taste good with it. The Italian Roma has a white and red semi sweet sauce on top of the breaded chicken. It has rice with it. Over all, I liked the combination of flavors in it. It was really good with rice and the fried eggplant with it. The Chinese Imperial was also good. It was a bit spicy but it was mild and I can tolerate it. It has a red sauce and fried garlic on top of the breaded chicken and rice. The taste combined altogether was good, a bit spicy but good.

KFC Supreme Bowl: Italian Roma and Chinese Imperial

KFC Supreme Bowl: Italian Roma and Chinese Imperial

After the meal, we rested for a while before going home. We didn’t go untill the mall is already closing. I liked the food and so is the company. I think I’ll order the Supreme Bowl again Next time.


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