Posted by: backpackersescapades | June 22, 2009

Dinner Date at Tokyo Tokyo

Joms and I missed dining out together and so, after work, we decided to have dinner at Tokyo Tokyo in Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

The place was not full that night and we sat at the second floor. We ordered a Sumo Meal for the two of us, since it is really good enough for two (or three, depending on appetite) people to share, and a Ninja Wraps which is a new item in the restaurant. The Sumo Meal we had has two dish, and not the regular one dish Sumo Meal they had before. We tried The Pork Tonkatsu and Beef Misono combination. It also comes with stir fried vegetables, Red Iced Tea,  and Eat-All-You-Kanin. I think this meal is better since you get to have a variety of flavors when eating. You are also not torn between what dish to order and you can have two of your favorites in one meal. It is a nice idea that they have this kind of Sumo Meal in their menu now.

Pork Tonkatsu and Beef Teriyaki Sumo Meal

Pork Tonkatsu and Beef Misono Sumo Meal

The Chicken Teriyaki Ninja Wraps that Joms ordered was also good. It was quite messy to eat since most of the fillings drop when you bite into it but it was still good. The chicken tastes well especially with the tempura sauce combined with it. The pita bread complements the the entire chicken-vegetables-tempura flavor. It is a full meal itself.

Chicken Ninja Wraps

Chicken Teriyaki Ninja Wraps

We were full after finishing all up. We stayed for a while to chit chat and relax. It was nice to have dinner again together. It is one of the things we missed doing together.



  1. Gusto ko ulit ng Chicken Teriyaki Ninja Wraps 😦

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