Posted by: backpackersescapades | June 20, 2009

Girl’s Night Out at The Fort

Ate Neysa is back from her 6 month contract in a cruise ship abroad. We all wanted to celebrate and do what we wanted to do the last time she was here. A girl’s night out.

Ate Neysa, Ate Nerisse, Pat and Millet are my childhood friends. We grew up together and even though most of our grownup years were spent apart, we still find some time to hang out together just to catch up and have fun.

This is one of those days that we hang out and chill together. We all decided to go to The Fort and go clubbing and enjoy the night life there.

Millet happens to have some connections in most of the clubs there so we were put in Guest List and our entrance were free. We just need to buy some drinks inside and have a lot of fun.

We all meet outside our house at 7pm since Ate Nerisse offered us a ride going there. We went to Festival Supermall to meet up with Pat and have dinner before going to Taguig.

We decided to have dinner at Tia Maria’s in Chef’s Avenue in Festival Supermall. It was the same as the Tia Maria’s Cantina in Katipunan. It also has a Mexican theme and since the restaurant is located near the entrance, they are open until midnight. You could order drinks and cocktails there and also Mexican food. The restaurant is cozy and the waitresses accommodates us well.

Tia Marias at Festival Supermall

Tia Maria's at Festival Supermall

We ordered Buffalo Wings, Cheese and Everything Quezadillas and Nachos Grande with a pitcher of Iced Tea for all of us to share.

Nacho Grande, Quezadillas and Buffalo Wings

Nacho Grande, Cheese and Everything Quezadillas and Buffalo Wings

The Nachos Grande were the first to arrive. It has an a lot of beef, cheese sauce, some sour cream,  salsa, olives and Jalapeño chili in it. You wouldn’t recognize the chili unless you taste it and you want to drink all your iced tea in the glass. It was really hot but it is a good combination with the rest of the Nachos.

The next to arrive is the Cheese and Everything Quezadillas. It comes with a sour cream and salsa dip. It has cheese, chili con carne and Jalapeños in it. It really taste good especially with the dip. I like the sour cream dip better. It complements the beans and meat inside the quezadilla.

The last to arrive is the Buffalo Wings. Like the rest, it is spicy but it was good. It comes with a white cheese dip and fried potatoes and vegetables on the side. The chicken wings were a bit small though and the meat is quite difficult to remove from the bones but non the less, it tasted good especially with the dip.

We enjoyed our dinner there and after a few hours, we decided to go to The Fort and go clubbing.

We arrived at The Fort at about 10:30 in the evening. All the lights are on and the place is so alive. There are a lot of people coming in and out of the bars and restaurant. We parked near the Fort Strip. We went to Prince of Jaipur to ask if they are already accepting the Guest List. They still don’t have the list and so, we waited and while doing that, we walked around the place to see all the restaurants and bar there. Each restaurant is packed with people. Lots of people are walking around and a lot of  beautiful cars are parked everywhere.

After a while, we went back to Prince of Jaipur and fortunately, the list were there, we went inside and looked around. There are only a few people inside. Most of them looks younger than us. The place has a Mediterranean look. Large paintings of Persian people could be seen. There is a second floor but bouncers were guarding it so we could not enter. It was quite hot in the dance floor even though there are still a few people there. We just stayed downstairs. After a while, Millet’s friends came and we met them. We danced with them when the crowd were thicker in the dance floor.

Nerrise, Pat, Me, Millet and Neyasa at Jaipur

Nerrise, Pat, Me, Millet and Neyasa at Jaipur

We also tried the drinks there. Everything in the menu was priced triple or more. Their San Mig Light was priced P120 when you could buy it on local bars at about P30. We bought Rhum Coke which was priced P170 and is placed in a medium sized glass. A liter of coke is about P40 and a bottle of rum doesn’t cost much either. But when you combined it together, they could sell it at that price. I would have mixed up my own drink myself!

After a while, we decided to go outside. We went to Bonifacio High Street to see if the Starbucks there is still open. Fortunately, it is and we went there for a cup of frappe to refresh ourselves.

I ordered a Mocha Coffee Jelly Frappe. I really liked it since Joms ordered one the last time we went to Starbucks. They are also giving free samples of Green Tea Frappe so I get to taste it and I also liked it (mental note: I’ll buy that one next time.) We stayed there for a while to chat a bit.

Mocha Coffe Jelly Frappe

Mocha Coffe Jelly Frappe

Whicte Chocolate Mocha Cake

Whicte Chocolate Mocha Cake

Since it was Millet’s birthday the week before, we decided to give her a slice of cake. It was a White Chocolate Mocha Cake and it tasted good. It was not too sweet. There are some white chocolate shavings and we all liked it.

After a while, we all went home. We were all tired but feels good for the night out together. I know we will do this again next time.



  1. Ganda pala ng The Fort kapag gabi 🙂

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