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Last Summer Gimik at Laiya, Batangas

The longed planned swimming and outing of the Engineering Department of our company has finally came. It was supposedly planned on May but since almost all of us were super busy, all the resorts were fully booked and only the first week of June was available.

We are going to Laiya, Batangas, the place where I spent mostly all my summer outings with my family. It is approximately 3 hours travel from Manila but longer if you encounter traffic.

Laiya is a baranggay in San Juan Batangas where most of the resorts are found. They have a nice shore, clean waters and a marine sanctuary. People usually enjoy the beaches there and have lots of activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and a lot more water sporting activities.

Our trip began at 7am in the morning. It was raining but as we all said, we will all go, rain or shine. We packed and got ready to go to the office since it was our meeting place. Some of us had breakfast there while waiting for the van. At 8am, Yhene told us that the van was downstairs and we could get our stuff in the office pantry. We quickly fixed our stuff and went down. Our van was there. It was an 18-seater van that costs about P6,000 for the rent. The driver is included but the gas was not. And also the driver’s food is not included there.

After we were completed, we all started our road trip to Batangas. But before that, we went to Sucat to fetch Flip. He brought a case of beer for all of us. That was our first stop over. Some of us who didn’t had breakfast bought one at McDonald’s. After a few toilet breaks, we continued the trip to Batangas.

The whole trip was full of laughter and a lot of sleeping. We were all tired because of the whole week of work. Since our next stopover was still kilometers away, we all had a nap, reserving our energy for the rest of the trip.

Tokyo Tokyo Robinsons Mall Lipa City Batangas

Tokyo Tokyo Robinson's Mall Lipa City Batangas

At Batangas, we had our stopover at Robinson’s Mall Lipa City, just after Star Toll Gate. We had our lunch there since we figured out that our trip was still long.

We had our lunch at Tokyo Tokyo where almost all of us ordered a Sumo Meal since it was good for 2 people. Chard also gave us a treat, he ordered California Maki for us all. It was a filling lunch and is just right because our next meal would be dinner.

After a we ate, we rested and got ready to continue our trip to Laiya. From Lipa, we were not sure where to go. We had a guide that we got from the resort website and it was our only hope not to get lost. Fortunately, there were a lot of signs now going to Laiya. Tourism in Batangas particularly in Laiya is highly promoted by the locals unlike years ago that you really should know where you are going to avoid getting lost there.

We reached San Juan after a while and asked the driver to have a stop over at the public market because we need to buy some more food that we would cook for dinner. After Yhene, Joe and Chard bought the ingredients for our dinner, we headed again to Laiya, to Sabangan Beach Resort.

Loft in Sabangan Beach Resort

Loft in Sabangan Beach Resort

We arrived in Sabangan Beach Resort at about 2 in the afternoon. We checked in and placed our stuff in our cottage. We got a Loft Type Cottage good for a maximum of 16 people. It costs P15,000 and the kitchen utensils, electric stove, refrigerator and a 5 gallon is included. There are two rooms with a bathroom each. The room is air conditioned with 3 twin sized beds. We had two extra mattress since we couldn’t all fit. Most of the couples paired up in the beds and the rest in the mattress on the floor.

Rooms in the Cottage

Rooms in the Cottage

The whole resort is nice. There is this common area where guests could play fooseball or the mini billiards. There is also a public rest room where you could shower up before swimming in the seas. It was also for the day tour guests of the resort. In the beach area, there is a small volleyball court where you could play as long as you have a ball. Chairs are also provided for guests near the shore.

The resort was between Aquatico and Blue Coral. They are the new resorts that I wasn’t there when we go there when I was small. The beach that day is quite wavy because it was raining. It was nice to play with the waves but it was not as big as that of in Guimaras. It was the first time I saw the waters there not clear. I kind of missed going there on a sunny summer day.

After we fixed our stuff in the cottage, we got ready to swim. Since Joms was not feeling well, he was left behind to sleep as we all went to the beach to swim. The waves are a bit big that afternoon. It keeps on pushing us to the front of Blue Coral Beach Resort and as we realize, we get back to the front of our resort. After a while of wave riding and swimming, Flip, Wazer and Jape swam to the deeper part of the waters. They were stung by a jellyfish and they quickly got out of the water. We continued our swim near the shore to avoid the jellyfishes.

After a while, we got tired and sat on the beach chairs. Flip brought some Green Mangoes and Bagoong and some Beer. We chit chat there until Joms woke up and went to us. I went with him to swim while the others stayed in the beach chairs. When we had enough waves, we went back and had some picture taking and chit chatting. The others were at the cottage already preparing the food for dinner.

As we got there, we helped in the preparation while others took a bath. We cooked grilled Liempo, Barbecue, Grilled Tilapia, Ensaladang Talong, Fried Tilapia and Salted Eggs with Tomatoes. The boys did almost all the cooking. The girls were there to assist them and to do the chopping and washing dishes.

After all the food was cooked, we all ate dinner. It was really a good dinner. The food was delicious and filling. The Grilled Liempo and the Barbecue, which we bought from Monteray already marinated, tasted good. The Ensaladang Talong was also good. Everything was good and the rice that was not cooked okay hadn’t been noticed. The food on the table which appeared to be too much for us was gone in a few minutes. Everyone liked it.

After we all cleaned up, we rested for a while. Some went to the beach and some played in the common area. We followed them there when they are playing fooseball. It was a lot of fun since everyone was intense of the game. When we got back, we started to cook for our pulutan. Joms and I cooked the Tokwa’t Baboy while Joe cooked the Sisig and the Fish Balls and Kikiam.

Celene mixed a drink made of Vodka, Sprite and Grenadine. It was good and Celene was already drinking it while we were still cooking the pulutan. She was the first one to get drunk and slept early. Since most of us were tired of the trip, they slept while we were cooking. The only ones left were Me, Joms, Joe, Jape, Wazer, Irish and Yhene.

Pulutan: Tokwat Baboy. Sisig, and Kikiam with our Drinks

Pulutan: Tokwa't Baboy. Sisig, and Kikiam with our Drinks

We started our inuman session with an Alfonso Brandy from Gani, The Bar from Celene and the Vodka-Sprite Mix by Celene. We played Indian Poker and was all having fun when Buboy and Zandra joined us. After a while, Cenon Joined us and we played a card game that Zandra taught us. The game was fun and we are all laughing all the time. It was tiring but all was enjoying it. We almost finished the Alfonso Brandy and the mix Celene made, which I copied because she was already asleep and we had no one to mix it again.

We all got tired after the game and that time, Flip and Chard was awake. Most of us were already drunk and Joms’ fever is returning so we rested and called it a night. The rest went to the shore and spend the rest of the night there. They returned after a while and we all had a nice sleep.

We woke up at 8 in the morning. Joe was already cooking Sisig Rice for our breakfast. After that, he and Wazer went snorkeling while Yhene continued to cook Hotdogs and Eggs for breakfast.

We all had a nice breakfast together and I washed the dishes after. The others wet to swim again while the others rested in the cottage. We followed them in the beach after cleaning up the dishes. We swam until 10am. The water is much calmer that morning since it was already sunny. We had fun swimming and at 10am, we went back to take a bath and prepare to get home.

We all finished getting ready at 12 just before checking out. We packed back our stuff in the van and after a few more picture taking, we all went home happy for our small outing.

Everyone was asleep as we head back to Manila. We awoke before we got to SLEX. We all decided where to eat since it was way past lunch time. We decided to have a stop over at the Shell Gas Station and choose where to eat there.

We ate at Chowking there where Joms and I ordered a Chicken Lauriat and Fish Fillet. I was supposed to order their Sweet and Sour Pork Meal but they are not serving it anymore. I opt to choose the Chicken Lauriat instead.

After we had our lunch, we head home. Joms and I requested the driver to drop us at Alabang so that it would be near our home. The rest went further north. We went home tired but was happy for the bonding moments we had with the Engineering Department. I hope we had another one of these outings soon.


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