Posted by: backpackersescapades | June 2, 2009

A Night of Music at Aplaya Resto-Bar

After our Guimaras Trip, we missed the usual gimmick nights in the city. Joms and I decided to hang out at Aplaya in Festival Supermall to have a few drinks and relax.

Joms and I ordered dinner and a bucket of beer. We had breakfast food for dinner because those were the only food in the menu that comes with rice. Most of the food there are for pulutan. We had ToSiLog and TapSiLog. We also had a plate of Sizzling Bangus Sisig which comes with the bucket of beer.





Sizzling Bangus Sisig

Sizzling Bangus Sisig

The breakfast food was nice. It was served quickly and it was hot. The Tocino is the typical tocino you buy at the grocery. The Tapa was nice. It comes with a vinegar dip. It was also a good pulutan. The Sizzling Bangus Sisig was also good. It has a lot of green chili in it and the bangus meat was seasoned well. It was really a good beer match.

It was a Tuesday and we didn’t know that there is a live band performing there. It was nice since they play acoustics and I liked it. We learned that they have a live band every Tuesday, Thursday (I think) and the weekends. Different bands play on the said days.

The band that night plays nice songs. Most of them I know. Their lead vocals is a girl and she is a good host. She also sing well. It was like she is a different person when she sings. The rest of the band also plays well. Also, they give the guests a chance to sing if they wanted to. There were some gusets there that sang and played and they gladly welcomed them to their small stage.

They have three sets that night and we only got to watch the first two. They usually start their first set at 9pm and end at about past 12mn. It was nice having live music while you drink and relax. We really missed hanging out and chilling at a place like that after work. Maybe we get to go there again and make it a Tuesday or any other night with a band playing.

We go thome shortly after their second set since we still have work the next day. It was a nice night of music to chill and relax.


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