Posted by: backpackersescapades | May 31, 2009

Going back to Manila: Last day in Guimaras and Iloilo

We woke up early the next day despite the slight hangover form the drink last night. The rain from yesterday didn’t stop and it was still raining that morning.  If it wasn’t our last day there, we would stay in bed for hours.

We prepared as we woke up. We had breakfast and continued to pack our stuff. At about 10am, we were ready and is waiting for Kuya Richard to get us to the port. When he finally arrived, it was time to say goodbye to Villa Igang.

On our way, we asked Kuya Richard to drop us off at the Trappist Temple for pasalubong. We bought lots of mango flavored goodies and some key chains for the AA. I bought Mango Jam, Barquillios, Otap, Dried Mangoes and Mango Puree. It was all made by the Trappist Monks there.

Trappist Temple

Trappist Temple

It was said that it was the only Trappist Temple in the Philippines and I am glad that I’ve been there even for a short while.

After shopping for pasalubong, we got back and our next stop was on a Mango Market. Tanja bought some but we were in a hurry because the rain is getting heavier. We got to the port and paid for our tickets.

JB Lacson Colleges Foundation

JB Lacson Colleges Foundation

We took the 10 minute ride going to Iloilo City and we arrived at the Parola Port. We rode a jeepney going to J.B. Lacson where we will meet Gail’s Lolo and Lola for lunch. Luckily, the jeepney drivers told us how to get there and we got there after two jeepney rides. We had lunch at Gail’s Lolo’s office and we went to SM Iloilo to wait for our flight in the afternoon.

We watched the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Graduation and after a while we decided to go to the airport. Gail and Ching went back to Guimaras since they would be going home the next day.

McDonalds Kiddie Crew Graduation

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Graduation: The mascots are having their Production Number

We ride the van (P70) going to Iloilo Airport. Form there we waited for our flight at 7pm. We waited there for three hours before boarding the plane. We spend some time drinking coffee at JD Bakery Cafe. Their coffee was nice and we liked it very much.

Iloilo Domestic Airport

Iloilo Airport

Our flight back to Manila took less than an hour but the pilot announced that we need to wait for a while since we cannot land yet. We landed after about 30 minutes. We looked for a cab to get home but we couldn’t find one. We decided to take the airport taxi up to the gas station and from there, take an ordinary cab going to where we need to go. Tanja and Ruel went to Magallanes and Joms and I to Alabang. We rested as soon as we got home since we need to go to work the next day.

It was a nice four day vacation and I am glad that I’m with the people I am close with.  I hope that next time we do that trip again.



  1. jd bakery cafe the best! hahaha.

    san na tayo next? up north naman! ilocos! =D haha

    • weee! ilocos! i’m excited!!! hihihihi!! ;))

  2. wow bongga ang trip nyo ha,ang saya

    • Hindi naman masyado, bitin pa nga kasi madami pa pwede sana puntahan e. 🙂

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