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Guimaras Island Adventure

Our third day started when Gail told us that we would move to the air conditioned room. We quickly gathered our stuff and went to the new room. We all fixed our stuff there and waited for breakfast. We had Eggs and Corned Beef for breakfast. It was really filling and it made us ready for the day ahead. We talked to Kuya Richard, the tricycle driver that brought us to Villa Igang, and he told us that he would bring us to a cave where only a few tourists knows. Also, he will bring us to a nice waterfalls and we would go snorkeling in a nice coral reef. It was a nice plan and we got ready after eating breakfast.

View of the Beach from the Top

View of the Beach from the Top

Kuya Richard waited for us with a multi-cab at the resort entrance. We started our journey going to the cave at about 9 in the morning. We were all in a good mood and singing and cracking jokes along the way. After about 30 minutes of traveling by car, we stopped at a grassy hill. Kuya Richard told us that we have to walk from there and so we did. It was a long walk downhill. It was about 20 minutes until we reach a beach. We all went to the side of the mountain and started our ascend. It was a difficult climb but as we get near the top, we were all amazed at the sight that we saw. The opening of the cave was really really big. I felt that it was like it will devour anyone who comes near it. It was the first time that I saw a cave as large as that.

The Cave

The Cave

400 year old Stalagmite Formation

400 year old Stalagmite Formation

As we wait for the others to arrive, we took some pictures there. After a while we all went inside. It was quite slippery and there are lots of birds which they call balinsasayaw hovering the cave entrance. We were just afraid that their poop might land on us while they fly over head. We took some pictures inside particularly on a stalagmite that Kuya Richard said was about 400 years old. after that, we went deeper and took some more pictures. Kuya Richard showed us a small stalagmite that he said was just forming when he was in elementary and it grew a little big from then. He told us that the cave was about 2 kms deep and there is a passageway to the other side but it is dangerous because it has some areas where you need to swim through. I guess the passage on the other side connects to the ocean. We just took some more pictures and it was time to get back. It was much more difficult going back since we need to go uphill again. It was really tiring and exhausting but it was just the start of our tour. There are a lot more to come. We rested for a while and ride the multi-cab again. We are headed for the waterfalls but we asked the driver to find a sari sari store so that we could buy water. After re-hydrating, we continued going to the waterfalls. It rained while we were on the road but it was alright since it was not that heavy. We passed by a market and decided that we buy food for our lunch and dinner before going to the falls. We rested while the others bought food. We continued our journey after. Like the road to the cave, the road to the falls is down hill. We need to go on foot and climb down the edge of the mountain to go to the falls. The path was slippery due to the rain but it was quite alright. We were all drenched in sweat and now our feet and hands are covered with mud. It was about 15 minutes going down there and at last we got to the falls. There were some people there having a picnic and they were already going when we got there. The water was unclear due to the rain so we decided not to swim. We just took some pictures and watch Kuya Richard do a stunt. He climbed the falls and dived from there. He was amazing and he did it twice.

The Falls

The Falls

After a few photo ops, we decided to go back up. It was much more difficult going up since it was quite slippery but we all survived it. We went back to the multi-cab exhausted and at the same time excited to go to the beach to swim. It took us another 30 minutes before getting to the Guisi Beach and Lighthouse


Guisi Beach Resort

Guisi Beach And Lighthouse

Blue Starfish

Blue Starfish

We were supposed to go to the lighthouse but the winds are starting to get strong. The waves are getting high but we still went for a swim. We were also supposed to go snorkeling but since the waves are dangerous we stayed at the shore. Kuya Richard was the only one who went to the marine sanctuary and brought us back a blue starfish. He told us that the beach was really clear if it was a fair weather but it was okay for us. We played in the waves for a long time challenging it every time it hits the shore. We were all exhausted but happy of the experience. We all went back to Villa Igang. It was already 4pm when we got back and we missed lunch. We all took a bath and just waited for dinner. After our dinner (Sinampalukang Manok) we all went back to the cottage. Ruel mixed for us Boracay Café for our last night in the island. We interrogated him and Tanja that night while finishing up his mix. It was a fun night and it ended with me and Joms having a one on one drinking session finishing up the bottle of Gran Matador that was left. We had a nice last night and we slept late as we stayed at the shore chit chatting. That was our last night at Guimaras, we will go back to Manila the next day.



  1. ang galing. naalala mo lahat ng details?! ako hindi na masyado. hahahaha!

    • nd n nga mxdo.. 3 weeks in the making yan e.. haha! nalimot q n halos.. ung sa bantayan namin dati ang mejo detailed tlga.. 🙂

  2. … pero hindi ko talaga malimutan yung stunt ni kuya richard. hahahaha!

  3. wow i think i know this richard, sya din nag tour sakin sa guimaras!

    • really? wow, that’s nice. He told us that he had toured a lot of people there including Piolo Pascual. haha! =)

  4. hi…you have a very informative blog, nice. can i also get the contact number of kuya richard? tnx

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