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Iloilo and Guimaras Adventures

I woke up at 2 in the morning to get ready and go to the airport where Joms, Tanja, Ruel and Gail are waiting for me. We are going to Guimaras and will stay there for 4 days.

Gail invited us there since it was his Lola’s Birthday (his Lolo’s brother’s wife) and also as his graduation treat for us since Tanja, Joms and I helped him to complete his Special Problem. Tanja, Ruel, Gail and I has planned to go there after we graduated all. And after a long time, finally, we get to do what we’ve planned.

I have arrived at the NAIA Terminal 2 where the four of them were waiting for me. We Immediately went inside to get our boarding pass and pay for the terminal fee. We didn’t have decent breakfast so we eat the Otap that I bought fro them back from my Cebu trip (I didn’t get to give it to them right away because we are all busy).

As we wait for us to be boarded, we rested and took pictures at the waiting area. While we were there, there was a short power interruption and the lights there went off. It was just for a while and the power went back immediately. At 4:30 we boarded our plane going to Iloilo.

Me, Ruel, Tanja, Gail and Joms in Iloilo

Me, Gail, Ruel, Tanja and Joms in Iloilo

It was quite early and we rested the entire flight that took almost an hour. We landed at Iloilo Airport at about 6am and we decided to visit UP in the Visayas before going to Guimaras.

Iloilo Airport

Iloilo Airport

We took a van (P50) from the airport that goes up to SM Iloilo. The driver was kind enough to take us to UP in the Visayas since it was just near SM. It was our first destination since we didn’t know where to go there.

We talked to the guard at the gate and told him that we are alumni from UPLB and we showed him our ID’s. He let us enter the campus. We walked and explored their campus as we took pictures of the trees and buildings we passed by. And of course, we didn’t miss the opportunity of taking Oble’s picture.

UP in the Visayas

UP in the Visayas

After all the photo ops, we decided to eat breakfast. We were looking for a place to eat when Ruel Suggested to eat at the Campus’ Canteen. Since we didn’t know where else to eat, we agreed. If only I’ve known that there is a La Paz Bachoy Restaurant near, I would have suggested to eat there. But since we are all new there, we decided to eat at the campus canteen.

UP Visayas Oblation

UP Visayas Oblation

We ordered breakfast food (egg, corned beef, barbecue) and had our stomachs filled. The canteen was similar to our Coop but there, when you finish your meal, you need to get your used utensils on the area assigned. The food was good and it was all lutong bahay. It was good enough for breakfast.

After the meal, we decided to go to Guimaras since we had no place to go anymore. But we don’t know how to get there so we asked people around to tell us where to go. They told us to ride a jeepney with a Baluarte sign and tell the driver to drop us off where the jeepneys would take us to Parola Port.

The jeepneys there had only one route and it was nice since it avoids traffic. If you need to go to a place not covered by a jeepney’s certain route, you need to ride another one. Their signs are permanently placed in the windshield and it has large fonts so that you could not mistake riding one.

When the jeepney dropped us off, a lot of pedicab asked us where we’re headed. It was quite irritating since we are still unsure where to go. The pedicab driver that took us, brought us to Parola Port. He took a different route. We didn’t know that It was a different port where the Guimaras ferries are. It was really annoying since the driver charged us triple on what they’ve told us when we took them. We had to get to another tricycle, this time the driver is really helping us, before we get to Ortiz Port.

Ferries in Ortiz port going to Guimaras

Ferries in Ortiz port going to Guimaras

We got there fortunately as Gail, Ruel and Tanja are waiting for us. They have already bought tickets (P12) for us. We got on the ferry and waited for it to be full.

There are a lot of people going to and from Guimaras. There were only a few like us, who looks like tourists, riding that ferry. It was just about 10 minutes and we were already at Guimaras.

UP Persident Roman in Guimaras

UP President Roman in Guimaras

We need to register upon arriving to the island and we were all shocked to see the UP president’s name there. They were also there together with some people from UP Visayas. We were really surprised that the next ferry already arrived. After some photo ops, we quickly headed outside to look for a ride going to Villa Igang, our destination.

A tricycle driver told us that he could bring us there for P250. We agreed since he said that if we wait for a jeepney, it would take us more than an hour just for waiting alone. His tricycle could carry 6 people. It was like the tricycles in Bicutan where there could be 4 people inside andย  2 people at the back ride.

The tricycle driver was very friendly and as Gail was talking to him, we learned that he knows Gail’s Lolo and he told us that he could tour us around the island if we wanted. We agreed but it would be for the next days since we need to get to Villa Igang for Gail’s Lola’s birthday party.

Kuya Richard, our tricycle driver took us on some stop overs on our trip going to Villa Igang. He first stopped us by a view of Iloilo City on top of a hill. The view was nice and we took pictures of it. Our next stop over was a view of a large mango plantation. He told us that during flowering season, the mango trees would be colored yellowish brown. It looks like mini chocolate hills only that it was all mango trees. The view was really nice. It makes me imagine how our mango plantation in Batangas looks like on top view. After a while, we had another stop over at a really nice scenery. It was a view of the mountain and the sea. It was really nice. We were glad that Kuya Richard was our driver that day.

Viewes in Guimaras

Views in Guimaras

As he dropped us off at Villa Igang, we took his number since Gail would recommend him to his brother who will come the next day. The party at the resort was already starting and there are already a lot of people there. We met Gail’s Lola, Lola Mary, who showed us to our room.It wasn’t what Gail has expected but he didn’t ask since all the people there were busy. We just settled there and made ourselves comfortable.

Villa Igang

Villa Igang

The room has one large bed that I think is good for 2 people and 4 people max. It has its own bathroom and one electric fan. The room is facing the open waters so it was really nice. It has mountain views from afar and mangroves on the side. It was a peaceful place there.

We explored the resort after we placed our things in our room. It was really nice. They had this what they call diving board at the back of the resort. There are a lot of rocks there and It was really a beautiful place.

We ate lunch when it was served and after a while on listening to the program, we decided to go to our room and rest since we had a long trip going there. Swimming would be for the afternoon after we rested.

At about 4pm, we went to Villa Corazon, another resort owned by Gail’s Lolo and Lola. It was just a few minutes hike from Villa Igang. Villa Corazon used to be a functional resort but unfortunately, a typhoon wrecked the place and it was being repaired for now. There are no other people there so it was the best place for us since Villa Igang was crowded with guests.

Villa Corazon

Villa Corazon

We took pictures and swam for a while. The waves are getting stronger that time and there are a lot of rocks where we are stepping. There are already a lot of foreign objects floating brought by the waves. We stayed there until sunset and we decided to get back to Villa Igang.

We had dinner, also courtesy of the party, and we cleaned up ready to get rest. We decided to have the rest of the activities the next day after we had rest.

We played cards for a while in our room and took some pictures, also had a few photography lessons from Gail. After that Gail, Joms and I sleep while Tanja and Ruel had some things to settle.

Our first day at Guimaras was great. It was really a vacation we all desrved.



  1. “After that Gail, Joms and I sleep while Tanja and Ruel had some things to settle.”

    — bonggang bongga! hahaha! jeri this is a great blog ๐Ÿ˜€ hehe!

    • haha! nd n kinaya ng powers namin n antayin p kyo.. wahahaha!XD

  2. ang pagkakaalam ko dalawa ang UP sa Iloilo..yon isa sa city at yong isa sa Miagao…yong pinuntahan nyo na UP ay maliit lang haha,pero yong pinuntahan naming UP Miagao Iloilo ay napakalawak,mga 1,200 hectares..sana doon kayo pumunta kasi ang ganda ng view doon ang sarap mag tour doon nakakapagod at ang harap nya malawak na karagatan haha…taga UNOR Bacolod kami

    • Yup, may isa pa, nalaman namin kasi kasama yung Miagao sa Centennial Lecture Series ng UP. Hindi namin alam puntahan yun pero siguro next time pag may chance uli, pupuntahan namin yun.

      Thanks for reading. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Makkapunta din ako sa Iloilo. Malapit na.:) May suggestion ka ba na affordable hotels in Iloilo?

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