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Splash Mountain and Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay Weekend

My High School barkada decided to have a get together this summer and they invited Joms to come with us. At first, the plan was in Batangas but unfortunately, the personnel in the resort they talked to failed to reserve a room for us and when we inquired again, they were already fully booked. And so, we suggested to try our luck at Splash Mountain Resort since it was near UPLB and they could arrange the reservations easily.

Fortunately, there were rooms available for May 2-3 and we quickly booked a family room good for 4 people (but of course there are more people coming, so we will just pay for the extra people coming). And so, that day was reserved for our get together.

Katrina, her boyfriend Adrian, Archie, Maan, Ellin, Karen, her girlfriend Rici, Joms and I were the ones present on that day (we were expecting KC and Bea but they didn’t come).

The room we booked was P2,920 and is good for 4 persons. It has a double size bed and two single beds. It has a closet and a private bath/toilet with it. Extra person coming would pay P160 and an extra bed costs P265. We decided to have one extra bed since as we approximate, two person could share the single bed and 4 on the double size. Also, when you booked for a room there, you could use the pools in the pool area as part of what you’ve paid.

Katrina required us to pay P700 so that they would be the one to take care of the food and other stuff needed (including the rental of a table on the pool area).

Starbucks Frappe: Vanilla and Coffe Jelly Frappe

Starbucks Frappe: Vanilla and Coffe Jelly Frappe

The plan was changing every now and then so Joms and I decided to hang out at Starbucks in Festival Supermall for a while and not go directly to the resort (since we didn’t have any receipt to show the people there that we’ve reserved a room). We enjoyed a Frappe while chit chatting. We ordered a Vanilla Frappe and a Coffee Jelly Frappe while enjoying it outside and waiting for time to pass.

At around 2pm, we decided to go to Los Baños. We took a bus going to Sta. Cruz and paid P50 going to Splash Mountain Resort. As expected, we were still the first ones to arrive and we waited for them at the resort entrance. We took the opportunity to take pictures and rest from the trip we had.

The resort had a lot of people coming in and out. I can tell that it was quite crowded because of all the vehicles parked outside. I just hope that we have a nice spot to swim where there are only few people.

At around 2:30pm, the rest arrived and we checked in the hotel. We rested there while Kat, Archie, Adrian and Ellin went back to UPLB to gather some stuff at Kat’s apartment and buy food for our dinner. Karen, Ricci, Joms and I stayed at the hotel and watched TV while waiting for Maan to arrive. She arrived at about 4pm and we paid for the extra person before we took her to our room. We rested there while waiting for the others to arrive. We watched movies, chit chatted and took a nap.

At about 6pm, they came back with food and some stuff we could use there. We arranged the things they’ve brought and contacted the desk to request an additional bed. When the bed arrived, we rearranged the beds in the room. We placed them in a single row so that we could all be in front of the TV. After a while, we prepared our dinner. They brought Roasted Chicken from Sr. Pedro and some rice. We had a few sodas for drinks.

We are also celebrating Archie’s Birthday that day so he bought a Chocolate Roll from Red Ribbon and since we didn’t have any candles, we used Joms’ lighter as his candle to be blown. After singing him the birthday song, we had our dinner. The chicken had a hint of lemon grass and it was because the roasted chicken has it for flavoring. It was nice flavor though, a bit citrus when you bit into the skin. It was also cooked nicely that it has no raw taste in it. The rice they bought was also good. It was wrapped in banana leaf. The taste kind of remind me of the rice we ate at Cebu. It has a bit of the leafy taste in it.

After eating, we had the cake for dessert. We were all full after eating that we all wanted to sleep. We rested for a while before deciding to take a swim at their pool. We dressed up and prepared our stuff for a dip at the hot springs of Splash Mountain Resort.

Pool Entrance for Hotel Guests

Pool Entrance for Hotel Guests

The pool area were crowded and so, we had difficulty finding a nice spot. We found one at one of their pools at the side. It was 4-5 feet deep and the water was just right, not to cold and not to hot.  It was less crowded compared to the other pools since it was quite deep for little children. But the resort management failed to clean up the pool. The water was quite dirty and it wasn’t clear anymore, as what I have expected.

We transferred to another pool hoping that it would be cleaner but the other pools are 2-3 feet deep and they were crowded with children swimming. Those which are not crowded are extremely hot, no wonder only fed takes a dip in it. There is this one pool that was previously cleaned and they are filling it up with water. It was nice to dip in but unfortunately, it was extremely hot. We jut dipped our feet there and relax. The moment that pool was filled up by water, swarm of people gathered around it. Maybe they too are hoping for a clean water in the resort.

We didn’t swim for long since the waters are not clean so we decided to go back to the room. Since were planning to stay swimming that night but because of the dirty waters of the resort, we had nothing to do for the rest of the night. We decided to bought some booze and just chill in our hotel room.

Since Joms and I are alumni of UPLB and is familiar with the place, we volunteered to buy booze at Junction. We quickly dressed up and left the resort. We rode a jeepney going to Junction and we dropped off 7-11. We bought a Red Horse Grande and some ice. Los Baños Municipal Ordinance required all the establishment there to use paper bags in all their purchases so our booze were wrapped in a paper bag and we had no choice but to carry the plastic bag of ice up to the resort. When we came back the restaurant, we had our booze. We bought some snacks previously and that serves as our pulutan. We spend the night chit chatting and drinking. After a few hours, we all went back to bed and sleep.

It was almost 9am when we awoke. We were all lazy to get up. We spend the rest of the morning in bed while watching TV. We stayed there until Pacquiao and Hatton’s fight started. We watched it and decided to pay an extra hour since it was already late and we all need to take a bath. It was already 1pm when we checked out the hotel.

We decided to have our lunch in Bay Laguna. There is this restaurant famous because they have cottages floating in a small fishpond. Luckily, Ellin knows the place and we all decided to go there. Sadly, Archie needs to go home so he took a jeepney Going to Crossing Calamba while we took a jeepney going to Sta. Cruz Laguna.

We paid P15 from Splash Mountain Resort to Bay. The jeepney driver was not sure where it was so he dropped us off a bit far from the restaurant. We walked back to get to the Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay restaurant.

The restaurant was like a big nipa hut. It was made of wood and it was a nice place. On its back are some cottages floating in the fishpond. Unfortunately, all the cottages there was occupied and so we stayed on their large pavilion (just overlooking the fish pond). The waiters there are all wearing white shirt and at first, we had doubts if they are the one we need to talk to. They gave us the menu and we decided what to eat.

Floating Cottages in the Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay Restaurant

Floating Cottages in the Kamayan sa Palaisdaan sa Bay Restaurant

Joms and I ordered a Sizzling Sisig, a Sweet and Sour Pork and Garlic Rice. Karen and Ricci also ordered a Sizzling Sisig and Garlic Rice. They also ordered Pork Sinigang and Steamed Kangkong. Kat and Adrian Ordered a Lechon Kawali, Steamed Kangkong and rice. Ellin and Maan ordered a Sweet and Sour Pork, Chicken ala King and some rice. Some of them ordered Fresh Buko Juice and Buko Shake.

Sizzling Sisig, Steamed Kangkong, Lechon Kawali, Sweet and Sour Pork, Garlic Rice, Pork Sinigang, Chicken ala King, Buko Shake

Sizzling Sisig, Steamed Kangkong, Lechon Kawali, Sweet and Sour Pork, Garlic Rice, Pork Sinigang, Chicken ala King, Buko Shake

The orders came quickly as expected. They were all served hot, especially the Sisig which was served sizzling hot. We enjoyed our meal there while watching Pacquiao and Hatton’s fight one more time.

The Sisig was really good. It was crispy and it tasted good. I think what it lacked was egg or mayo on top to complete the deal. The Sweet and Sour Pork was a bit tough. We had difficulty slicing a piece of pork into pieces. Also, there are a lot of breading on it. The sauce was okay and our only difficulty was the meat itself. I also tasted the Steamed Kangkong. It comes with a bowl of bagoong. It was nice and fresh but I didn’t like the bagoong much. It wasn’t that salty as expected. I didn’t get to taste the other food but I think they were also good. Maybe the next time I get there, I will get to try those. Overall, the food was good, and so is the service. As for the price, it was quite reasonable since each dish is good for two person already. Joms and I paid about P300 for our food and we were satisfied with what we ate.

Me with Karen, Kat, Ellin, Maan, Ricci, Adrian and Joms

Me with Karen, Kat, Ellin, Maan, Ricci, Adrian and Joms

After eating, we took pictures and after a while we decided to go home. We crossed the road and waited for a bus going to Alabang. Maan took the bus going to Cubao while the rest took a jeepney going to Crossing Calamba. On the way home, I forgot to buy pasalubong because I was too tired already. I immediately got to sleep as soon as the bus moved. I awoke at Alabang and I took a jeepney going home.

It was a nice trip even though I didn’t get to enjoy the swimming part. Hopefully Splash Mountain Resort would improve their facilities especially during peak season. They should regularly clean their pools even if there are a lot of guests there. Also, they should take into consideration the water in the pools. Even though it is natural hot spring, I think it is best if they cool it a little bit for their guests to enjoy. The eating part was nice but I hope that we had an experience dining in at one of their floating cottages. Maybe next time we go there, it would be a whole new experience.

It was nice getting back with old friends. I hope next time, we had another get together.


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