Posted by: backpackersescapades | April 25, 2009

Dinner at Jay-J’s Inasal

It was yet another working Saturday. Everyone went home early since all were bored since the morning. Irish, Flip, Joms and I stayed late since it was quite raining outside and we were waiting for it to stop.

When we decided to go, Flip offered us a ride and we decided to eat dinner at Jay-J’s Inasal at Metrowalk.

Their restaurant is quite big and can accommodate a lot of customers. It is located along the rows of restaurant in Metrowalk. They  have tables outside for those who prefer to listen to the performers outside. Their waiters are also accommodating and they attends to all your needs. Their place is a nice place to hang out with your friends.

We ordered their Barkada Meal Set 2 (Good for 4 to 5 persons) for P899.00. It has Molo, Sisig, Inasal na Manok (hita or petcho), Inihaw na Liempo, Pancit Canton, Steamed Rice, Turron. We ordered a round of beer for our drinks since Joms wanted to drink that night.

Jay-js Inasal Barkada Meal Set 2

Jay-j's Inasal Barkada Meal Set 2

The Molo soup was served first. It tasted good but they think it wasn’t thick enough. I liked it since it was served hot and it was quite cold because it was a bit raining. The rest of the food were served a while later.

The Steamed Rice was really plenty and it was good for even 5 or 6 people.The Sisig was served sizzling hot and it was really good. It was crispy and is like chicharon. We enjoyed it while it was still hot. I liked the Inihaw na Liempo the best since the marinade they used was good. It was quite sweet and it brings out the flavor of the meat when it was grilled. The Inasal na Manok was also good. I didn’t had much of it since I was quite full when I noticed it. The Pancit Canton was also good. It has a lot of veggies and meat in it. It was good but like the Inasal na Manok, I didn’t had much of it. We were all full after eating all the food in front of us. But it wasn’t finished yet, there is still Turron for desert.

The Turron was good. It wasn’t that sweet and it tasted good. It was smaller compared to the Turron you could buy anywhere. It has the size of a Lumpiang Shaghai but the saba inside tasted good.

We were really full after eating. We stayed for a while to chit chat before we head home. It was good eating there since it was sulit and the food is generally good. It was a tiring Saturday but the yummy food we had made our weekends good.



  1. I liked the sisig 🙂

    • mas masarap ung inihaw n liempo.. =)

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