Posted by: backpackersescapades | April 15, 2009

Ultimate Buffet at Dad’s Saisaki and Kamayan

Wazer wanted to eat at Dad’s because of the buffet there so we went to SM Megamall 4th floor and pigged out.

For P550, you could enjoy their Ultimate Buffet which means that you could eat at any of the three restaurant’s cuisines, Kamayan (Filipino cuisine), Dad’s (Western cuisine) and Saisaki (Japanese cuisine).Their place is big since three restaurants are merged into one.

Wazer, Irish and Bryan tried the Ultimate Buffet while Joms and I only tried Kamayan (P320). They have the color coding plate scheme to know what kind of cuisine you’ll have. They have yellow for Kamayan only, and blue for the Ultimate Buffet. There is also this green plate but I’m not sure if its for Dad’s or Saisaki only.

We ate a variety of food there. There were a lot of people dining in. The restaurant was a sure hit because many Filipino loves the concept of eat-all-you-can. Most of the people eating there had several plates already and are still having more.

It was a bit pricey, though, if you don’t eat large amounts of servings but the price is guaranteed affordable for those who eat at least 3 plates of food serving per meal.

There were also some people there who will sing for you live and you could request any song to them. When they approached us, we told then that it was Irish’s birthday (even though it wasn’t) and they sang the birthday song for us. After that, they sang another song. We gave them a tip since it was the way they earn for their living.

We were so full after eating several servings of the food. We sure enjoyed the food there.  After that pig-out session, I don’t think we’ll do that any time soon. I think we need to prepare next time we do it, meaning, no meal for a day before we go there so that our dine in experience would be, as they call it, sulit.


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