Posted by: backpackersescapades | March 24, 2009

Bugong Dinner

Since Joms and Irish will get the stuff they left at Wazer’s condo unit at California Garden Square, we decided to go there after work. We were already hungry and we decided to eat at Wazer’s condo. There are a lot of food choices near California Garden Square and one of it is Bugong Roast Chicken.

Bugong Roast Chicken

Bugong Roast Chicken

I originally known Bugong Roast Chicken at UP Los Baños where it was a small stall where you could buy take home roasted or fried chicken meals. Other branches that I know of it are in Pacita, Parañaque and in Alabang. It was good to know that there is also a branch in Manadaluyong since I like it’s roasted chicken’s taste and it is also affordable.

Joms and I ordered Meal 6 which contains a quarter chicken with soft tortilla and fresh salsa for P85. Irish and Wazer shared a half chicken (P105) and rice. We ordered an extra gravy for P20 and Irish ordered a salsa (P20) but unfortunately, they’ve put  kimchi instead of a salsa.

Bugong Meal 6: Quarter Chicken with Soft Tortilla and Fresh Salsa

Bugong Meal 6: Quarter Chicken with Soft Tortilla and Fresh Salsa

We went to Wazer’s place and eat our dinner. I missed Bugong‘s taste. We eat it once in a while back in college since the stall they have there doesn’t have any tables and chairs to dine in. But in their Mandaluyong branch, it was like a small restaurant where you could eat.

We were full after eating and rested for a while. We watched TV and at around 8pm, we all decided to go home.

I missed LB more after that. I wish I could go back there soon.



  1. I read your blog.. Can I have the number of Kuya Jun the driver of the van who gave you a nice tour at cebu.. We will be heading to cebu this friday… hope to hear from you..

    • okay, I’ll send it to you through email. 🙂

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