Posted by: backpackersescapades | March 22, 2009

Going Back Home from Bantayan and Cebu

It was our last day at Cebu. Our flight back to Manila is at 8pm so we need to be in Cebu City before dark.

Joms and I woke up at around 5am because I wanted to watch the sunrise. It was something I always wanted to see every time I go to the beach.

We went outside and I was surprised that there are already a lot of people waiting for the sun to rise. All their cameras ready. We went near the shore to find a perfect spot to take pictures and while waiting, we wrote our names on the sand and took pictures.

Sunrise at Bantayan

At about 6am ,the sun slowly rise. We watched it while taking pictures. It was really a beautiful scene. I always enjoy taking photos of sunsets on beaches. We watched the sunrise until it was already bright outside. When the others are awake, we decided to take a morning dip at the beach. Our last swim before we go back to Manila. After a while, we packed our stuff and decided to have brunch at Kota‘s restaurant. Although we didn’t like to eat there anymore because of their poor service, we had no choice since we estimated our trip back to Cebu City to take several hours without meals in between.

Most of us ordered a Filipino Breakfast that comes with rice, egg (scrambled or sunny side up) and an ulam (you could chose from tapa, longganisa, danggit, etc.). It also has a mango juice and hot chocolate with the meal. Elouise and Denice ordered an American Breakfast that has bread instead of rice. We all waited for about 30 minutes for our food to come. We were all hungry when it came so we quickly finished the meal.

Filipino Breakfast

Filipino Breakfast

American Breakfast

American Breakfast

After eating, we went back to our cottages to pack the remaining stuff we left for drying. We checked out at Kota at about 11am and went to Sta. Fe port to catch the ferry going to Hagnaya Port. We all were tired and quickly dozed off to sleep during the ferry ride. We awoke when we were near Hagnaya  Port. We decided to take a van instead of the bus going back to Cebu City. At Hagnaya Port, there were a lot of people offering vans and we talked to one of them. We had a deal to pay P1600 (P200 for the each of us) just to take us to Cebu City. We were all asleep on the Way to Cebu City. It was almost 2 and a half hour ride going there instead of the 3 hour ride if we take the bus.

The van driver had a stop over at Lilo-an. We stopped at Titay’s and there, we took the opportunity of buying our pasalubong. We bought Otap, Dried Mangoes, Rosquillos and other stuff for pasalubong. After a while, we continued our journey to Cebu City.



We were dropped off by the driver at SM City Cebu where we left our stuff at the baggage counter. Our stuff had expanded from the original size it was when we first got there. We were carrying a lot of stuff now, most are pasalubong and a few souvenir. We were looking for the CnT Lechon in front of SM City Cebu to buy some also for pasalubong.

We went at CnT Lechon and luckily, there were still Lechon left this time unlike the first time we went there. I bought half a kilo each. It costs P300 per kilo and if you want to put it in a box, you need to pay an extra P15. I decided to put it in a box since we are going to ride the plane and I don’t want it to go dripping somewhere.

CnT Lechon

CnT Lechon

We went back to SM City Cebu to get the stuff we left in the baggage counter. We went to Starbucks to wait until 5pm before we go to the airport. We chilled for a while and rested. We were all tired at that time. We all wanted to go home.

At 5:30 pm, we hired a cab to take us to Mactan-Cebu International Airport. We waited to be boarded in the plane at 8pm. We didn’t had a decent meal then since we just bought some snacks along the way. We boarded the plane at about 8pm. It was not like the first plane we have boarded, it was smaller. We didn’t have space to put our stuff since the other passengers occupied almost all the compartments. We just placed some of our stuff under the chair and settled ourselves on our seat. We had a few picture taken before we dozed off to another sleep. It was almost 9pm when we awoke and city lights are seen on the window. We are already in Manila.

We un-boarded the plane at 9pm and some of us were fetched. But Joms, Jape, Wazer and I didn’t have any one to fetch us. We decided to take a cab but not the airport taxi since they charge double of the ordinary taxi fare. Fortunately, a shuttle passed by and offered us a ride to the main highway for P20. We rode there and was dropped off to a gas station where there are a lot of taxi;s passing by. Joms and I rode one up to Alabang. We paid P175. I noticed that the driver has a tendency of covering the taxi meter so I decided to watch over the price. He might adjust it and charge us more than what we should pay, but thank God, he didn’t do that since we were so tired to argue if ever he did. We rode a jeep after that and went home. We were all tired but the entire Cebu trip was fun. We enjoyed each others company and the places we’ve been to.

It is nice to do that Cebu trip once again, besides, we haven’t tried the Edge Coaster yet.



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