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Exploring Bantayan Island

Sunrise on our 3rd day at Bantayan

Sunrise on our 3rd day at Bantayan

Our day 3 at Cebu started when we woke up at 6:30 am with Kuya Iggi (the boatman we talked to the other day that offered us island hopping and snorkeling) waiting for us at the shore. We quickly fixed our stuff and boarded his boat, Jun Jun.

Our first stop to that boat trip was on an area near an island wherein we could snorkel. Since Kuya Iggi took care of the snorkeling gear (P30 rent for the snorkel and mask) we had no hassle in looking where to rent one. We enjoyed our snorkeling session and feed the fishes with the Skyflakes we had. The water was nice, it was a bit cold.  We were just disappointed to see some plastic wrappers floating on the waters and was really disgusted when we saw a floating dead mice. We changed location away from all those floating trash and continued our snorkeling. If only the locals there took care of the ocean, the place would be preserved and more marine life would exist there.

Our next stop was the Virgin Island. We paid P300 entrance fee for each boat. It was ok since the place was really beautiful. The waters are clean and there are no sea weeds floating. There are fishes near the shore and we enjoyed feeding them. There is also a marine sanctuary not far from the shore, I didn’t get to go there because I was enjoying feeding the fishes near the shore. We had a lot of pictures taken there since we were really amazed of the beauty of the place. We didn’t want to get back because it was really relaxing there.

Virgin Island

Virgin Island

After about an hour of picture taking and dipping into the clean waters, it was time for us to go back. We wanted to go to the cave that we’ve read about but Kuya Iggi said that it was out of our way and we would pay him another P500 for the trip there. We asked him to pay only P480 so that we would have an equal share of the fee and he agreed. And so, our next destination is the Ogtong Cave.

Kota Beach Resort

Our cottages at Kota Beach Resort

Floating Bar

Floating Bar

We went back to Bantayan Island to go to Ogtong Cave. We passed by our resort and all the other resorts there. There was also this floating bar on the other side of our resort. It is accessible through a small boat near the shore. There are a lot of tourist visiting it as we passed by. After about 10 minutes of traveling through the boat, we arrived at Ogtong Cave.It could be found in a resort with a big swimming pool. We were required to pay P50 for the entrance fee to view only the cave. We were hesitant at first if we would pay another P50 to swim inside the cave. In the end, we all agreed to go swim inside since it would be a nice experience.

We all took a dip in the cold waters of the cave. It was just 4-5 feet deep inside and you could see the stalactites and stalagmites formation inside. They placed lights inside the cave for the tourists that goes deeper inside. The rocks underneath it are a bit sharp and if you have a wrong move, your feet might get bruised. We stayed there for about less than an hour and took pictures and then we headed to explore the resort. Whoever owns that resort is lucky since the Ogtong Cave could be found in it and many tourists go there just to have a look.

Taking pictures inside the Cave

Taking pictures inside the Cave

We went back to Kota after that trip. We paid Kuya Iggi P1,200 plus the P480 for the additional trip. At that point, we didn’t have any breakfast or lunch and we were starting to get hungry. But we were reserving our appetite for the buffet dinner we were planning. After resting for a while in the cottage, we headed for the Bantayan Market to buy some danggit for pasalubong. We rented a tricycle for P350 round trip and he agreed that he would take us to anywhere we like.

Bantayan Church

Bantayan Church

We first stopped at Bantayan Church where we learned from the Basilica del Sto. Niño Museum was the oldest church in Cebu. We stopped by for some picture taking. We entered the church but they were having a mass so we stayed at the back of the church admiring its structure. It doesn’t look old compared to the old churches I’ve been in Laguna. Maybe the people are maintaining it and I didn’t get to explore the inside because of the mass, but it was good experience that I get to see that church.

Dried Fish in the Bantayan Public Market

Dried Fish in the Bantayan Public Market

After that, we went to the market place where they sell dried fishes. We bough some danggit for pasalubong. We also bought dried squid, tuyo, dilis and other dried sea foods. My half kilo danggit and quarter kilo dried squid cost P290 but they gave me a P10 discount.

We were looking for dried mangoes next but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any store selling it. We just went back to Kota to rest and prepare for the buffet we were going to have.

At about 5:30pm, we went to D’Jungle Grill Restaurant where we were entertained by Robert, the owner of the restaurant. He said that there are 60 dishes being served in that buffet. We were so excited and started to get all the food we wanted and eat till our stomach can handle.

D Jungle Grill Restaurant

D' Jungle Grill Restaurant

Their restaurant is just beside the one we dined in the previous night. Everyone who checks out the restaurant is being greeted by Robert in his most friendly “Hello”. We enjoyed how he entertained all his guests and interact with them.

The restaurant had different seafood dishes as well as grilled one. The baked scallops were really good and it was the first dish that ran out. Their grilled liempo was also good. It was tender and the marinade is good. Another favorite is their pancakes. It was really yummy that we all liked it.  Another thing we liked is that it comes with unlimited iced tea.

Buffet at D Jungle Grill Restaurant

Buffet at D' Jungle Grill Restaurant

For all the food we’ve consumed, we only paid P245. Wazer had 4-5 plates of the food and most of us had at least 2-3 plates and a lot of iced tea refill.

Us with Robert, D Jungle Grill and Restaurant Owner

Us with Robert, D' Jungle Grill and Restaurant Owner

After being full once more, we headed back to the beach to rest for a while. We star gazed and had a few booze on the sand. We chitchatted and enjoyed our last night at the island. We were laughing at each other and enjoyed each others company. We slept after hours of laughing and talking.

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