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AA’s Cebu Adventures

We were planning for this trip for quite sometime now and at long last, it finally came!

We allotted a budget of 10K per person initially buffering a huge amount since we were still not sure of what to do and where to go. Only one thing is for sure then, we will go to Cebu and Bantayan Island this summer.

Wall Painting on the streets of Cebu

Wall Painting on the streets of Cebu

We book a flight for Cebu as early as December. First, we tried Cebu Pacific since they are the one offering promos. But as we compare it with the rates of Philippine Airlines, PAL’s rates are much cheaper and we agreed to book a flight for March 19 and 22.

After assuring that we will be on Cebu on those days, we tried to contact Kota Beach Resort since Wazer recommended it. We booked two beach front cottages from March 19 to 22. We planned to enjoy a 4 day beach vacation and go to Cebu City early on March 22 to have a City Tour.

Kota Beach Resort

Kota Beach Resort

Unfortunately, we had a mis-communication about the booking schedule and discovered later that we have booked the resort form March 20-22 only. We changed plans and decided to have the city tour on the first day and go to Bantayan Island on the 2nd day. And because of this, we need to look for a place to stay overnight for the first day.

We had a lot of choices for hotels in Cebu but all of our top picks were already fully booked. We decided to try Castle Peak Hotel and luckily, we had our reservations. we booked two standard rooms since each room could accommodate 3 persons and paid for the extra people.

Magellans Cross. One of our destinations in our city tour

Magellan's Cross. One of our destinations in our city tour

Elouise recommended a van driver which she says is also a good tour guide there in Cebu. We contacted him and arranged for our city tour for the whole day. Kuya Jun was a really nice tour guide. He had a lot of stories about the places he brings us and he really knows where to bring tourists like us. If ever anyone is going to Cebu and is looking for a van that could be hired for a day plus  a really good tour guide, I would recommend Kuya Jun (contact me if you want his contact details).

When we went to Bantayan Island, we had no idea where to go, fortunately, someone talked to us in the ferry boat and offered us an island hopping package. Iggi (as what he told us his name was) offered us an island hopping tour around Bantayan plus snorkeling. He even reserved for us some snorkeling gear and life vests. The tour was nice. We enjoyed it. We also asked him of the Ogtong Cave and he said he could bring us there for an additional fee. Since we wanted to explore the place, we agreed and he brought us there.

We also talked to some locals there that were offering services. Someone offered us to bring us to the public market where we could buy some danggit and visit the Bantayan Church (oldest church in Cebu as what I have been told). We had a tour of the town and went back to the resort with lots of danggit and dried pusit.

Dried Seafoods

Dried Seafoods

We also had a lot of fun pigging out at different restaurants in Cebu. We tried the SuToKil wherein you buy the food raw and they cook it for you. SuToKil stands for Sugba-Tola-Kilaw wherein those are the way of cooking you could choose from to cook your food. AA BBQ Grill was the best SuTuKil resto in our trip. We enjoyed their food very much and were really filled. There were also some restos in Bantayan Island that we tried. One was Blue Ice Bear and the other is D’ Jungle where we had a buffet dinner.

Buffet Dinner at D Jungle Restaurant

Buffet Dinner at D' Jungle Restaurant

Pasalubong was the one that made our bags heavy. We bought danggit in Bantayan, Some souveniers in the guitar factory and some food on the way back to Cebu City. We didn’t know where to put them so we had a lot of stuff on our way home.

We had lots of fun in our Cebu trip. We enjoyed every day and the company of each other. I hope that we could have another vacation like this. It is nic to escape from work for a while and relax with the company of the people you enjoy most.



  1. what po contact number ni kuya jun?

    • hi! I’ll email it to you. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  2. hi can i have the number of kuya jun the tour/driver? thanks.

    • HI! I’ll email you his number. Thanks!

  3. Hi, May i know the number of kuya jun? My friends are planning to have 4 days vacation in cebu, can you send also your itinerary? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi, I’ve emailed you for the details. Thanks!

    • Hi,

      I was trying to reach the email address you provided in this comment but unfortunately, it wasn’t delivered because yahoo said the address doesn’t have an account. If you’ll provide me with the email address you are using, I would send the details you are requesting there. Thank you.

  4. Nice to read your adventures during your Cebu Trip. My family plans to visit Cebu. Since this is our first time to visit the area, we would like to have somebody like Kuya Jun to help us around. Would you please let me have his contact/email address? Thanks a lot.

    • I emailed you Kuya Jun’s contact number on the email you supplied in this comment. Hope you enjoy your Cebu tour! Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

  5. Hi can you post/email me the contact number of your boatman in Bantayan?


    • Hi, Unfortunately, we don’t have any contact of him. We just saw him at Hagnaya port when we are waiting for the ferry to leave and he offered us his boat for island hopping. He said he lives at Bantayan and he knows some places where we could snorkel and swim. We told him where we will stay and agreed to meet him at the shore at 7am. The next day, before 7am, he was already there waiting for us. You can meet lots of boatman at the port offering rides. You can talk to them and haggle for the price. Hope this helps!

  6. hi! you still have Kuya Jun’s number? thanks =)

    • I already sent you an email. Thanks for reading.. 🙂

  7. hi, please kindly email me the contact details of kuya jun. Thanks!

    • I just sent you an email. Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂

  8. Hi can i have the contact number of Kuya Jun? thanks!

  9. Hi can i have the contact number of Kuya Jun? thanks!

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